Helkan District
Helkan District
Continent Northern Shara

Helkan District is one of the provinces of the Shara continent.


Within the Helkan District lies the front line in the war against the argons. The federation drove the enemy back north into the Helkan District and held the line after the argons’ failed attempt to take over Northern Shara and infiltrate Southern Shara.

Argon strongholds still dot this war-torn wasteland from one end of the map to the other, and continue north into Val Kaeli. But they aren’t the only ones with strongholds here. The federation continues to keep the argons busy at the front and guerilla soldiers called the Shariar are fighting beside them. They plan to take back what the argons have stolen, and restore peace in the region.

Major Towns[]

Level Range by Zone[]

Notable BAMs[]

  • Krokan
  • Hursaras