Iron Battleground
Iron Battleground

Iron Battleground is 8 vs 8 PvP Battleground in TERA. As battleground Iron Battleground has no location in open world and is only accessible using Battleground Matching dialog. Available at level 61.

In Iron Battleground players use tanks or siege cannons available on battleground. Each base has 3 Speed Tanks, 3 Napalm Tanks and 3 Power Tanks. Weapons or mounts cannot be used. All players are equalized to 120 000 HP. Player may survive the destruction of their tank, hide, escape and pick a new one. After a while Ultimate Tank spawns in middle.

Battleground was added in October 2016 patch.


Kill all opponent players. Team with more players alive at end of 6 min round wins. Two wins are needed to win the match.

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