An item is anything a player can place in their inventory in TERA. Items are sorted into categories. These categories are: Quest Items, Equipment, Costumes and Consumables

Quest Items[]

For a list of quest items see: Category: Quest Items

Quest Items are given to and found by players for the sole purpose of completing quests. Quest items do not always appear in a players inventory, but when they do, players are able to interact with them to complete various quest tasks.


For more information see: Equipment

Equipment is anything a player wears for the purpose of battle. The different types of equipment are: Armor, Jewelery & Accessories and Weapons


For more information see: Costumes

Costumes are items worn for their appearance only. Costumes do not provide a player with any stat bonuses.


For more information see: Consumables

A Consumable is an item that disappears once used. Consumables can grant players buffs, change appearances, restore health, resurrect dead players, teleport players, and more.