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Knockdown Strike
Skill information
Tooltip description
Knockdown StrikeKnockdown Strike.png
Cast time 1.4 sec
MP cost 150
Cooldown 8 sec
Bowl your enemy over with a mighty swing of your sword.
Level 4
Class Slayer
Mana cost 150
Cast time 1.4 sec
Cooldown 8 sec

Knockdown Strike is an active skill that can be learned by slayers at level 4.

Rank table[]

To upgrade Knockdown Strike to the next rank, one must find a Tactics Instructor or open the skill menu, and pay a certain price of gold dependent on rank.

Rank Level Cost Damage
I 4 75Copper coin 61
II 10 2Silver coin 43Copper coin 89
III 16 6Silver coin 43Copper coin 130
IV 22 25Silver coin 47Copper coin 189
V 28 63Silver coin 42Copper coin 276
VI 34 1Gold coin 29Silver coin 49Copper coin 403
VII 40 3Gold coin 68Silver coin 17Copper coin 587
VIII 46 8Gold coin 94Silver coin 53Copper coin 857
IX 52 19Gold coin 10Silver coin 04Copper coin 1,251
X 58 38Gold coin 79Silver coin 00Copper coin 1,825
XI 63 61Gold coin 58Silver coin 57Copper coin 2,500


Upon getting level 20, glyph points can be allocated on Knockdown Strike. At level 65, a character has 55 glyph points available to spend on all available slayer glyphs. Most glyphs, specifically common glyphs, are learned automatically, while Master Glyphs must be obtained from dungeon drops or glyph boxes.

Icon Name Points Effects Glyph Type
? Glyph of Power 5 Increases skill damage by 25%. Basic
? Glyph of Power 4 Increases skill damage by 25%.
? Glyph of Power 4 Increases skill damage by 30%.
? Glyph of Powerlink 3 Increases skill damage of Whirlwind.png Whirlwind by 25% for a few seconds. Basic
? Glyph of Powerlink 3 Increases skill damage of Overhand Strike.png Overhand Strike by 20% for a few seconds. Basic
? Glyph of Strength 5 Increases chance of knockdown and stagger by 20%. Basic