Lancer Glyphs are an enhancement of Lancer skills. These glyphs cost points to activate, varying depending on the glyph. Most glyphs are automatically unlocked at level 20. The few exceptions are called Master Glyphs, which are randomly dropped from monsters.

When reaching level 20, a Lancer receive 10 glyph points which they can immediately allow to any unlocked glyph. Thereafter, every level will give a single glyph point, for a total of 50 glyph points at level 60. Basic glyphs of an ability not yet learned will be disabled. Glyph points can be allocated and removed at any time while out of battle, without any cost or penalty. A player can have up to 5 saved pages of glyph to quickly change between settings.

Glyphs Edit

Glyph of energy lvl 58 + Tera
Glyph of brilliance lvl 58 tera
Glyph of haste lvl 58 Tera
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