Leather Armor (Light Armor) is the equipment used by archers, warriors, reapers and slayers. The entire set is composed of a cuirass, a pair of gloves, and a pair of boots. Leather Armor provides medium defense and balance modifiers, allowing the wearer to occasionally take the hard hit.

Leather Armor can be obtained from various methods, including NPC shops, other players via direct trade or via the Brokerage, enemy drops, reward from quests, or crafting through the skill Leatherworking.

Parts of Leather Armor Set Edit

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Amani Edit

Baraka Edit

Castanic Edit

  • Air Courier's Gloves
  • Algid Gloves
  • Cowled Lapvest
  • Cuirass of Conveyance
  • Cuirass of Family Ties
  • Cromos Leather Boots
  • Cuirass of the Love-Struck
  • Decurion's Boots
  • Demonslayer's Mitts
  • Devan Leather
  • Faerie-made Boots
  • Flora Greatwrap
  • Forest Workgloves
  • Found Scrapwork Jerkin
  • Jerkin of the Kumas
  • Logger's Apron
  • Logrolling Boots
  • Longtusk Bracers
  • Lymei's Cuirass
  • Mill Workgloves
  • Mock Skins
  • Pioneering Gloves
  • Scion Insurgent's Gloves
  • Sentry's Jerkin
  • Signing Bonus Cuirass
  • Standard Issue Boots
  • C Standard Issue Cuirass.png Standard Issue Cuirass
  • Supple Workgloves

Elin Edit

High Elf Edit

  • Devan Leather
  • Faevine Gloves
  • Faerie-made Boots
  • Forest Work Gloves
  • Logger's Apron
  • Lymei's Cuirass
  • Treestep Boots

Human Edit

  • Boots of the Primus
  • Bright Vestments of the Fastidious
  • Chef`s Mitts
  • Ciebel`s Gift
  • Cuirass of the Ancient Empire
  • Demonkicker Boots
  • Falconer`s Vambrace
  • Forestkeeper's Boots
  • Forestkeeper's Mitts
  • Fox Creepers
  • Gloves of Vadoma
  • Gloves of Sacrifice
  • Gloves of the Academy
  • Gloves of the Beastlord
  • Infiltrator Grips
  • Jerkin of Mystel
  • Jerkin of the Ancient Sentinel
  • Justicar`s Cuirass
  • Logger's Apron
  • Longtoe Boots
  • Noble`s Overcoat
  • Raider`s Runners
  • Sandscourge Grips
  • Smith`s Apron
  • Standard Issue Boots
  • Standard Issue Cuirass
  • Standard Issue Gloves
  • Stormcry Cuirass
  • Taera`s Runners
  • Terkasia`s Boots
  • Tree Trimmer's Workboots
  • Vindicator`s Vest
  • Walk of the Just
  • Level 17 Enchantable Set
  • Level 22 Enchantable Set

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