Locations in TERA are broken down in this wiki in three ways (in order by size): Continents-Provinces-Zones

Below is a list of all the locations found in TERA, for a breakdown based on area see the above links. Note: this is database dump from 2013. Locations added after that (like whole Northern Arun) are not listed. Some places listed are inside (removed) dungeons.

All locations (in alpha order)[]

A Team Base
Acarum Boneyard
Acarum Pegasus Platform
Accipiter Watchpost
Adderkin Jungle
Aetrial Sanctuary
Agnurok Engine
Agonal Hall
Akasha's Chamber
Akasha's Hideout
Akasha's Hideout Entrance
Akasha's Hideout
Alethea's Last Hope
Allemantheia Headquarters
Allemantheia Outskirts
Allemantheia Pegasus Platform
Altar of Anguish
Altar of Belief
Altar of Death
Altar of Resurrection
Altar of the Blood Pearl
Altar of Vadoma
Amena Quatla Courtyard
Amena Quatla
Anarxis Hall
Anguish Heights
Arachnaea Main
Arachne's Bane
Araste Vigil
Arcane Sanctum
Arcane Symposium
Arcanum Outpost
Archive Grounds
Archive Stronghold
Arena of Blood
Arena of the Exalted
Argon Bulwark
Argon Catacombs
Argon Corpus
Argon Frontier
Argon Power Lattice
Argon Shield Emitter
Argon Wreckage
Arkai Perch
Aron's Camp
Arun Heights
Ascension Valley
Ascent of Saravash Entrance
Ascent of Saravash
Atel Akaad Stronghold
Aurum Road North
Aurum Road South
Aurum Road
Avenger Outpost
Azarel's Labyrinth Depths
Azarel's Labyrinth
Azurice Shrine
B Team Base
Babok Hollow
Bahaar's Maw
Balder's Pavilion
Balder's Refuge
Balder's Temple
Balder's Temple Entrance
Balder's Temple
Barbtail Coulee
Barrens Outpost
Basilisk Crag
Bastion Forest
Bastion of Lok Armory
Bastion of Lok
Bastion Pegasus Platform
Batia's Hulk
Batu Desert
Beacon Point Garrison
Beastroar Chamber
Berzerad Cemetery
Bestial Vale
Betrayer's Pyre
Blackspring Camp
Blasted Valley
Blazing Vale
Bleak Fields
Bleakrock Pegasus Platform
Blessed Woods
Blessing Basin
Blighted Village
Blightroar Research Station
Blood Run
Blood Valley
Bloodblade Mercenary Camp
Bloodtalon Camp
Bloody Depths
Bluefirst Mountain
Boan Strand
Boreas Alley
Bosuns' Roost
Breaching Grounds
Bridge of Grief
Bridge of Pain
Brightleaf Glade
Brimstone Highlands
Briny Outpost
Broken Bridge Camp
Brotherhood Quarters
Bulwark Camp
Camp Curiosity
Camp Insanity
Camp Marrakeen
Camp Redemption
Camp Retribution
Camp Sagacity
Camp Sunlight
Camp Umbra
Camp Venom
Camp Verdant
Camp Vigilance
Camp Zakai
Caravan Ambush Site
Cardovek Remnants
Carnage Vale
Casian Tree
Casidhe's Stand
Castra Mysterium
Catacomb of Misery
Catacombs Cavern
Cathedral Redoubt
Cauldron Outpost
Cave of Bleak Echoes
Cavern of Hunger
Cavern of Pain
Cavern of Shackles
Cavern of Tears
Celestial Hills
Celestus Rest
Cell of the Fist
Celsian Lake
Ceravin Point
Chamber of Anguish
Chamber of Artisans
Chamber of Avarice
Chamber of Awe
Chamber of Eccentricity
Chamber of Electricity
Chamber of Enlightenment
Chamber of Gatekeeper
Chamber of Hatred
Chamber of Immorality
Chamber of Lost Souls
Chamber of Malice
Chamber of Mighty Souls
Chamber of Sacrifice
Chamber of the Exalted
Chamber of the Wild
Chamber of Trial
Chamber of Wonder
Champions' Skyring
Chapel of Pain
Chebika Pegasus Platform
Checkpoint Ebony
Chief Guard Room
Chirurgeons Laboratory
Cliffs of Insanity
Coastal Overwatch
Cocoon Tombs
Coiling Transepts
Collapsed Argon Fortress Entrance
Collegium Arcane
Colossal Ruins
Consecrated Stone
Consul's Hall
Corpus Research Camp
Corridor of Pestilence
Corridors of Corruption
Craterview Outpost
Creation Workshop
Crescentia Pegasus Platform
Crescentia Plaza
Crimson Hammer Camp
Croskurn Approach
Croskurn Mines
Crossroads Camp
Crossroads of Pythia
Crucible Bower
Crucible Foundation
Crucible Hub
Crusader Camp
Crypt of Snow and Ash
Crypt of the Damned
Crypt of the Forsaken
Crypt of the Lost
Cultists' Refuge
Cutthroat Beach
Cutthroat Harbor Pegasus Platform
Cutthroat Harbor
Cyanocannon Foundry
Cyasma Converter
Cyasma Spire
Dagon's Chantry
Dagon's Tomb
Dakonan Junction
Dakonan Overwatch
Dark Anchorage
Dark Cathedral
Darkquaver Garrison
Darkquaver Woods
Daunting Pass
Dauntless Palisade
Deathfrost Plains
Defiance Street
Defiled Vale
Delthin Mine
Depths of Corruption
Desert of Plunder
Desert Overwatch
Desert Research Station
Deserted Homestead
Desire Square
Desolate Coast
Desolate Rise
Destroyed Advance Camp
Destroyed Cathedral
Deva Silva
Digory's Farmstead
Distortion Prison
Divine Furnace
Dorana Outpost
Dragonfall Flight Platform
Dragonturtle Beach
Dratheel Haven
Dryuul Cyasma Infuser
Dulari's Camp
Dusk Street
East Brazier
Eastern Allemantheia
Eastern Teleport Platform
Ebon Span
Ebon Tower - Primus
Ebon Tower - Quartus
Ebon Tower - Quintus
Ebon Tower - Secundus
Ebon Tower - Tertius
Ebon Tower
Ecdysi Atrium
Echo Ranch
Eldritch Academy
Eldritch Bastion
Elenea Pegasus Platform
Elin's Grove
Embattled Outpost
Emergency Camp
Emissary Point
Essenian Crest
Ethereal Forest
Exile's Shack
Experior Outpost
Faerie Pond
Faevine Vale Camp
Fanatics Paradise
Fane of Kaprima
Fane of Kaprima Entrance
Fane of Kaprima
Feldrenen Forest
Feldrin Ravine
Feral Valley North
Feral Valley South
Feral Valley Station
Feral Valley
Fey Forest
Field Base Lunacy
Field Base Reciprocity
Field Base Tenacity
Field Base Valiance
Field of Fire
Final Terrace
Firebase Audacity
Firebase Intrepid
Firebase Valor
Firespine Outpost
First Trial Terrace
Foreman's Outlook
Forge of Fury
Forsaken Fields
Fountain of Shara
Freebooters' Roost
Freedom Plaza
Frigid Vigil
Frontera Pegasus Platform
Frost Reach
Frost Wastes
Frostclaw Crag
Frostclaw Lake
Furnace Approach
Fyrmount Abyss
Gallery of Chaos
Gallery of Deceit
Gallery of Fate
Gallery of Lust
Garbi Outpost
Glacial Bay Research Station
Glacial Bay
Gloomhaunt Sentry Post
Gloomy Outpost
Gloomy Tundra
Goat Locker
Godric's Farm
Golden Labyrinth
Granarkus Teleport Platform
Grand Chapel
Grand Gate Watchpost
Grand Hall
Grave of the Risen Knight
Gravewatch of the Exiled
Grim Coast
Guardian's Chamber
Habere Flight Platform
Hall of Maidens
Hall of Masters
Hall of Nightmares
Hall of Power
Hall of Screams
Hall of Shadows
Hall of Strength
Hall of the Arbiter
Hall of the Forest
Hall of Vadoma
Halls of Gloom
Halls of Knowledge
Halls of Power
Halls of Shadow
Halls of Utterdark
Harvest Festival Hall
Harvester Fields
Haven Farm
Helkir Grotto
Herath Trail
Hexheart Chamber
Hidden Shrine
Hidden Tunnel
High Street
High Vale
Holdouts Redoubt
Howling Glacier
Howling Vale
Hungry Caverns Catacombs
Hungry Caverns Depths
Hungry Caverns Vaults
Hungry Caverns
Ice Trail
Icebase Defiance
Icebase Stalker
Icefang Inlet
Ilithieri Mana Extractor
Incursion Zone
Infiltrators Refuge
Infinity Woods
Island of Dawn Clifftops
Island of Dawn Coast
Island of Dawn
Jagged Coast
Jagged Crest
Jesters Quarters
Jester's Villa
Junaidar Base
Jungle Patrol Camp
Kaiator Command Center
Kaiator Consul's Office
Kaiator Flight Platform
Kaiator Outskirts
Kaiator Western Gate
Kanstria Flight Platform
Kapina Camp
Kaprima Summoning Room
Karascha's Lair
Karascha's Menagerie
Kelsaik's Hall
Kelsaik's Nest
Kerozen Isle
Khanovar Citadel
Khanovar Front
Khanovar Gauntlet
Khanovar Post
Knoll of Screams
Kobold Scout Base
Kriegar Hall
Kutmaschuk's Hideout
Labyrinth Entrance
Labyrinth of Terror
Lake of Tears
Land of Fury
Leander's Outpost
Lee's End Stead
Legendary Blacksmith's Workshop
Legion of Arms
Lein's Farm
Liberation Station
Liftwarden's Chamber
Lighthouse of the Sun Entrance
Lighthouse of the Sun
Lilipart Village
Link Street
Lok's Spear
Lookout Point
Lost Mines
Lower Archive
Lumbertown Pegasus Platform
Lumbertown Plaza
Mad Jester Pass
Mags Kormas
Mags Kuchanaru
Mags Kurata
Mags Thulanax
Mags Tohopka
Magthulk Crater
Malachai's Lab
Malefic Laboratories
Manafire Outpost
Manaya's Core
Manor Cellar
Manor Floor
Maon's Cabin
Martial Symposium
Masters Square
Mathar Spire
Mejdanar Arena
Melgatol Portal
Memorial Square
Mercenary Camp
Metaseed Chamber
Mighty Frog Pond
Mindcrown Chamber
Mistmoor Forest
Mistmoor Island
Molten Chamber
Molten Reach
Moss Glen
Mount Tyrannas
Muricai Ruins
Mysterious Jungle
Mysterious Ruins
Necromancer Tomb
Necromancy Cell
Necromancy Lab
Nest of the Shaper
Nexus Traverse via Argonea
Nexus Traverse via Granarkus
Nexus Traverse via Khanovar Front
North Brazier
Northern Checkpoint
Northern Overwatch
Northern Teleport Platform
Notus Alley
Noyul Extractor
Oblivion Woods
Occult Library
Old Scout Camp
Omphalos Plains
Orcan Bivouac
Outlaws' Nest
Paraanon Plains
Paraanon Ravine
Pathfinder Post Flight Platform
Pathfinder Post
Pegasus Platform
Peril Cavern
Phalangeal Research Camp
Pier Boundary
Pillar of Eons
Pirate Captain's Cabin
Pirate Grotto
Plain of the Damned
Plaza of the Fallen
Plaza of the Huntress
Plaza of the Mighty
Plaza of Triumph Northern Street
Plaza of Triumph
Pleasure Street
Popolion Pegasus Platform
Pora Elinu Pegasus Platform
Pora Elinu
Press Camp
Professors Redoubt
Quandary Bazaar
Quarantine Zone Research Center
Quarantine Zone
Quarantined Village
Queen's Lair Entrance
Raga Evala Depths
Raga Evala Spire
Raga Evala
Raga Kabash Depths
Raga Kabash Spire
Raga Kabash
Raga Shadi Depths
Raga Shadi Spire
Raga Shadi
Raga Transmission Room
Rain Cages
Raintree Oasis
Raseri Festning
Raven Altar
Redoubt of Lok
Relic Hunter Outpost
Reliquary Station
Remote Lodge
Research Library
Researcher Quarters
Retribution Point
Room of Guardian Knights
Room of Relics
Roostcliff Quarter
Roughneck Outpost
Ruin of the Giants
Runicar Research Camp
Runner's Watch
Saleron Research Camp
Saleron's Sky Garden
Samael's Residence
Sanctuary of the Seer
Sanctum Mysterium Forecourt
Sanctum Mysterium
Sanctum of Resurrection
Sand Wind Village
Sandbar Beach
Sandwalker Refuge
Sanguine Hideout
Saravash’s Catchment
Scorched Snowfield
Screaming Snowfield
Scythera Fae Flight Platform
Scythera Fae
Second Trial Terrace
Secret Passage
Seekers' Locus
Serena's Park
Serenity Valley
Seren's Garden
Seren's Lake
Serpentis Isle
Shadowspark Chamber
Shakan's Revenge
Shakazen's Refuge
Sharan Command
Shattered Path
Shineroot Chamber
Shriekaal Hall
Shrieking Catacombs
Shrine of the Demon God
Shrine of Yurian
Shroud Outpost
Shrouded Route
Sienna Canyon
Sietch Bidaum
Sigil Adstringo Portal
Sigil Adstringo
Sihranar Command Post
Sihranar Research Site
Silent Hills
Sinestral Manor Servants' Entrance
Sinestral Manor
Sirjuka Gallery
Sorgalur Complex
Soulsurge Chamber
South Brazier
Southern Checkpoint
Southern Farmland
Southern Teleport Platform
Spirit Outpost
Spore Emitter Zone
Stadium of Devotion
Stadium of Rebirth
Stadium of Sacrifice
Staff of Isren
Startree Forest
Stepstone Isle
Stone Pillar Relics
Storst Ruins
Strategic Command
Strifecore Chamber
Stronghold Camp
Stronghold of Blood
Supply Room
Suryati’s Control Zone
Suryati’s Peak
Susurrus Woods
Swampwatch Camp
Symposium of Artisans
Symposium of Elders
Tainted Gorge Bridge
Tainted Gorge Garrison
Tainted Gorge Outpost
Tainted Gorge
Tansin Mine
Tempest Reach
Temple Center
Temple Chapterhouse
Temple Entrance
Temple Garden
Temple Labyrinth
Temple of Dagon
Temple of Sikander
Temple of Temerity
Temple of Tithus
Temple Pond
Temple Sanctum
Temple Underground
Temporary Patrol Camp
Terron Run
Thaumaturge Chamber
The Barbican
The Beachhead
The Bower
The Hatchery
The Hold
The Lair
The Maelstrom
The Pit
The Planks
The Plexus
The Portal
The Sanctum
The Shattered City
The Skyleaves
Third Trial Terrace
Three Towers Depths
Three Towers Research Base
Three Towers Spires
Thulsa's Chamber
Thunder Hold
Timeless Woods
Tirkai Forest
Tomb of Torment
Tor Exsul
Torrent Outpost
Tower Approach
Tower Base
Tragieron Hall
Training Grounds
Training Sanctum
Tralion Pegasus Platform
Transporation Hall
Tria Pegasus Platform
Tulufan Pegasus Platform
Tuwangi Garrison
Tuwangi Mire
Tuwangi Thorp
Twilight Valley
Twistblood Chamber
Twisted Plains
Twisted Vale
Two Oaks Ranch
Tyrant's Overwatch
Underground river
Upper Archive
Uprising Redoubt
Utterdark Outpost
Vale of Graves
Vale of Solitude
Vale of Spires
Vale of the Fang
Vale of the Reaper
Valgurati Stronghold
Valkyon Federation Camp
Valkyon Federation Headquarters
Valley of Titans
Valor Watchpoint
Valselok Shrine
Valumnir Outpost
Vanguard Bastion
Vanguard Outpost
Vanguard Post Alpha
Vanguard Post Beta
Vast Sands
Vault of Glory
Vault of Tomes
Velika Consul Office
Velika Eastern Gate
Velika Headquarters
Velika North Gate
Velika Outskirts
Velika Plaza
Velika Travel Control Office
Velika West Gate
Velik's Sanctuary
Velik's Steps
Velik's Vigil
Ventral Command Center
Vertigo Reach
Vexatus Swamp
Vindicator Basecamp
Vindicator Camp
Vindicator Outpost
Vindicator Redoubt
Viper Camp
Viridian Caverns
Wary Vigil
Wayfarer Camp
Wendigo's Howl
West Brazier
West Watchpost
Western Allemantheia
White Hart Run
Whitefrost Forest
Windwhistle Woods
Winter Event Battlefield
Winterwolves Encampment
Witch-Queen Catacombs
Woodcutter Palisade
Woodland Path
Woodstrider Point
Wyvern Watch
Yorik's Hamlet
Zaeltarazad Shrine
Zulfikar Fortress Flight Platform
Zulfikar Fortress