Continent Northern Shara

Lorcada is one of the provinces of the Northern Shara continent.


Lorcada is home primarily to the amani, most notably Muhrak, the Legendary Blacksmith, who spends his days in an incredible forge below Habere. The amani who live here are the toughest of the tough, having spent their lives living in the shadow of two evil gods.

The mad god Killian plots in his lair, the Labyrinth of Terror , seeking to unleash chaos upon the world. Thulsa, on the other hand, watches from his Ebon Tower, where he schemes to enslave. The people of Lorcada have not only struggled against this evil duo, but also the crystalline wendigos, undulating sirens, and the last remnants of the giants’ empire.[1]

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— Plain of the Damned
— Vale of Spires