Continent Southern Arun
Province Arcadia
Zone Fey Forest

Lumbertown is a town located in Arcadia, the center of it's logging industry. The recent anomalies have turned the town into a refugee camp that many natives now rely on.

Daven is the Federation's chief officer in the region and offers players a variety of quests that lead into subzones such as Fey Forest and Oblivion Woods.

Places and PeopleEdit

  • Lumbertown Plaza is at the center of Lumbertown. It is where some important NPCs such as Daven and Zandra are located.
  • Lumbertown Pegasus Platform is located outside of the town walls and is a flight path for players.

List of NPCs

Name Title Type
Acherly Woodcutter Union President Other NPCs
Allos Refugee Other NPCs
Almanon Flight Master Functional NPCs
Arn Magistrate Other NPCs
Beleha Villager Other NPCs
Brose Arcadia Guard Other NPCs
Catrine Crystal Merchant Functional NPCs
Chase Banker Functional NPCs
Daven Prefect Other NPCs
Drallas Refugee Other NPCs
Duegal Refugee Other NPCs
Einna Refugee Deputy Other NPCs
Erek Arcadia Guard Other NPCs
Gattoll Refugee Woodcutter Other NPCs
Heikon Refugee Other NPCs
Jaram Blacksmith Other NPCs
Keltran Specialty Store Functional NPCs
Kenan Villager Other NPCs
Klaon Arcanist Other NPCs
Lennert Civil Engineer Other NPCs
Linkin Noble Cleric of Restoration Functional NPCs
Lucar Mill Owner Other NPCs
Machol Refugee Other NPCs
Meresh Alchemy Materials Functional NPCs
Nenuel Magic Instructor Functional NPCs
Nurni Trade Broker Functional NPCs
Nylees Ecoactivist Other NPCs
Nytell Refugee Other NPCs
Nytren Refugee Other NPCs
Romgan Banker Functional NPCs
Royer Villager Other NPCs
Sadma Villager Other NPCs
Sanaz Tactics Instructor Functional NPCs
Sandor Aide Other NPCs
Surell Refugee Other NPCs
Suren Coordinator on Leave Other NPCs
Tomba Tuwangi Runaway Other NPCs
Valdrin Merchant Functional NPCs


Adjacent SubzonesEdit

Zone Name Level Range Direction
Fey Forest 11-16 West
Oblivion Woods 15-17 Northeast
Valley of Titans 17–22 Southeast