Mahtnan gear cloth design for castanic

Mahtnan gear is equipment set released in August 2021 patch v108.[1]

As released it's best-in-slot PVE gear for level 70 characters. Equipment includes weapon, armor, shoes, gloves. (Sleeves and Gloves are both called "Hand Armor", Gauntlets are still Gauntlets). It replaces Kaia's Soul Gear which no longer drops. This is complete gear reset, there is no upgrade route from Kaia's Soul, so everyone has to switch to new gear (many dungeons are still playable with old gear). Quest The Well-meaning Barakas is updated to give players basic Mahtnan gear upon reaching level 65.

New gear comes in 3 different rarities: rare, superior and mythic. (We call them blue, yellow (golden) and violet from now on.) So, it actually resembles Exodor patch gear, which had 3 different levels of equipment.

There are two versions, Occult and Dauntless matching magic and physical amplification, luckily, any gear box you open seems to give correct version for the class who opened it. When checking Trade Broker keep in mind that Gunner and Reaper and all the classes that wear cloth armor use Occult (magic) gear, rest of the classes use Dauntless gear with physical values.


Mahtnan equipment has highly complex system of options. Gear has Standard Options (basic lines), Support Options and Random Options.

Weapon only has following basic lines: Attack Modifier, Amplification, MP replacement, +4.5% attack speed and −7.2% skill cooldowns (Tanks also aggro and damage absorption values, healers healing value), increased damage against monsters and crit factor.

This means no damage buff against enraged monsters, unless you get a roll for it. Also it seems you lose 4% attack speed compared to full +7 Kaia's Soul gear.

Support Options are like weapon special lines in some older equipment. Except, there are like 30+ of them and you get one randomly. Each effect has 5 power levels that are affected by item rarity. Only highest rarity gear gets the best skills. (also note: "Unique option names and effects may change through future updates." t. devs).

Support Options[]

(Effect names taken from v108 as released. Text is shortened or translated. Numbers depend on effect level on scale I–V. Maximum effect for blue gear is III, for superior gear IV.)


  • Rage Suppressor: X / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 % additional damage when attacking enraged monsters.
    • This seems to be the most preferred option for DPS classes.
  • Cruel Curse: X / 20 / 30 / 40 / X  % probability to reduce physical and magic resistance by 98 [static value] when attacking. Stacks up to 100 times. Curse lasts 30 seconds. Stack cooldown 1 sec.
    • This seems to be a meta choice for tanks. It's slow to build up.
  • Hymn of Courage: Increases yours and party's physical and magic amplification by X / 2.5 / X / 3.5 / 4.0 %.
    • This seems to be preferred option for healers. But aura only works if you are in combat mode.
  • Mark of Annihilation: Hits have 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / X % chance to leave a Mark of Annihilation on the opponent. When stacked 15 times, 0.1% of the Max HP is inflicted as damage. Maximum damage 200,000,000. Mark cooldown 1 sec.
    • Works for warrior or other fast-attacking classes. It's ideal for lowest end gear (or cheaper option for tanks).
  • Magic Storm: MP consumption increases by 50% [static value]. Skill damage and healing increases by X / 5 / 6 / X / 8 %.
    • 2nd best option for DPS if you can't afford Rage Suppressor. Train you pet and healer for mana. It really hurts gunner, sorc, ninja, reaper. However, it's free extra damage for physical damage classes.
  • Blood Oath: Reduces HP recovery by XX / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 %. Skill damage and healing is increased by X / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 %.
    • Other 2nd class option. Really hurts up your healing. Armor line or card setup can compensate.
  • Heavy Blow: Reduces attack speed by 10% [static value]. Skill damage and healing increases by 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 %.
    • New sorc Discord says this works for sorcerer (many attacks are asynchronous or have zero cast time). It's less good for other classes, but damage bonus is really good.
  • Bloodreaver: You receive 0.01 / 0.015 / 0.02 / X / X % of the damage as HP when attacking.
    • For casual berserkers
  • Might of the Fabled Creature: Reduces cooldown of all dragon passives (critical strike power buff) by X / X / 11 / 13 / 15 seconds.
    • meh

There are two more Support Options which are simple random amplification, piercing, crit power, ignore resistance. These are same for weapon and hands. Max values seem to be:

  • 6,150 (magic/physical) amplification
  • 1,964 ignore (magic/physical) resistance
  • 1,228 (magic/physical) piercing
  • 0.06 (magic/physical) crit power

Piercing matching you skills (magic/physical) seems to be the strongest stat in this patch. Just don't go over 3,000 piercing, as it loses effectiveness.


  • Combat Essence: While you have >80% HP, skill damage and healing are increased by <MAX: 6.5> %
    • Possibly best option. It's like Kaia's Defiance effect from last gear.
  • Mahtnan's Power: From the start of the battle, the power increases by 1 every 5 seconds. Stacks up to X / X / X / 40 / 50 times.
    • Extra attack power. But it takes over 4 min to build up. Low bosses die faster, hardest bosses might kill you meanwhile and buff resets.
  • Opportunist: Every 5 seconds you get an effect for next attack: increase skill damage by X / X / X / X / 25 %
    • This is like slayer buff skill. It only prolly works for slayer, maybe berserker, sorc.
  • Death Sentence: When you attack opponent, reduce crit resistance by 30, physical, magic resistance by 5,000. Lasts 20 seconds. Cooldown X / X / 40 / 30 / 20 sec.
    • Healers or tanks. It works like much like healers debuff skills.
  • War Drums: Increases party's physical and magical piercing by 667 / X / 1000 / 1167 / 1335.
    • Aura for healers or tanks. It seems to be meta for healers, but ill-suited from them since you have to be in combat mode.
  • Roar of the Fabled Creature: Increases duration of (Dragon proc) crit power passive by <MAX: 2> seconds.
    • you can get dragon buff uptime to 17.8% from 10% with both buffs. Not great. If you have 2 dragons you can prolly afford best gear too.
  • Veteran's Tribute: You receive X % of the damage as HP when attacking.
    • for casual berserkers
  • Reckless Grit: if your HP falls below 60%, healing effects and skill damage are increased by X / X / X / X / 15 %
    • meh
  • Focused Magic: (slaying effect but when mana is <50%)
    • meh


  • Sacred Guardian: Increases HP Recovery by X / X / X / X / 30 %
    • If you have Blood Oath, and generally good option.
  • Perfection: When your HP is >80%, reduce damage taken by X%
    • Considered best
  • Crisis Manager: If your HP falls below 30%, restore X / X / 3 / 3.5 / 4 % HP every 2 seconds.
    • good
  • Counteroffensive: When you use Retaliate, you receive a shield that lasts 6 sec and absorbs 140,000 [max] damage. Cooldown 90 seconds.
    • good in some situations, like when Kalligar knocks you down
  • Hymn of Faith: Increases your and nearby party members' physical resistance by 4.0% (max)
    • Protection aura, also buffs lancers
  • Rock-hard: Increases your endurance by X when hit by a BAM. Stacks X times.
    • maybe warrior tank. But still not good.
  • Guardian of the Fable Creature: While dragon crit power passive is active, damage received is reduced by 10% (max)
  • Survivalist: Reduces monsters' crit power by 20% (max)
  • Optimized Reflexes: Increases crit resist factor by X / X / X / X / 60.

There are two more Support Options which are simple random resistance, HP, mana, HP recovery (more healing), or reduce damage from monsters by fixed value per hit. These are same for armor and shoes. Start looking at secondary support options and try to pick:

  • Magic resistance 3,075 for healers
  • Physical resistance 3,075 for lancers
  • Max MP 1,476 for sorcerers
  • HP recovery +6%
  • Max HP 14,760.


  • Lucidity: Stun duration reduced by X / X / 9 / 12 / 15 %
    • PVP
  • Lightning Speed: Movement speed increases by X / X / 19 / X / X.
    • PVP
  • Mage Song: Increases your and nearby party members' magic resistance by 4.0% (max)
    • Protection aura, also buffs healers' buffs and shields. Basic magic resistance seems to be ~130k. 4% aura is more than 5,000.
  • Phantom Veil: Phantom Veil is summoned every 6 sec after start of battle. Effect stacks up to 5 times. Damage is reduced by X / X / 4 / X / 5 % per stack. Effect is removed when hit.
    • good for lancer. Actually, getting 25% damage reduction is pretty insane.
  • Inverted Result: When you are hit by monster, you receive a shield that lasts 6 seconds and absorbs XXX,000 damage.
    • nice for lancer
  • Last Stand: When your HP is below 40% and a monster hits you, a shield is created that absorbs XXX,000 (cooldown 60 seconds).
  • Hairsbreadth: Increases endurance by X / X / 15 / 20 / X when you use dodge skill. Lasts 4 sec. Cooldown 10 sec.
  • Breath of Life: When your HP is below 30%, skill damage and HP recovery are increased by XX%
  • Blessing of the Fabled Creature: While dragon crit power passive is active, damage received is reduced by X / X / X / X / 10 %
    • only totally trash option

Random Options[]

Random Options afaik work just like in previous gear. You can manipulate them with Option Change, Option Boost scrolls. (You can now use Revert Options Scroll to revert last change you made.)

It seems lowest Unstable scroll does not exists anymore. There are only

  • Mahtnan Option Change Scrolls to reroll these lines (available from Vanguard Merchant),
  • Inspired Option Boost Scrolls (expensive!) to add one random line and,
  • Greedy Mahtnan Option Change Scrolls (craftable with alchemy) to reroll while locking some lines.

Option Retention Material (former Cryolite) is now called Mahtnan Jewel.

Check Random Option transfer option below. It's much cheaper to start with low gear that has good Random Options, or least 3 of them and transfer options to higher tier gear. One Option Boost Scroll alone costs 250,000Gold coin while transfer stone is 50,000Gold coin.

Resonance Etching[]

Patch v109 added slot for resonance etching. However, Balderon Resonance Gates remain closed. You can't get such item yet and details are still unclear.


Gear has no equipment Infusion lines. This mechanics is retired.

Gear goes up to +12 enchantment.


Accordingly Korean devs,

  • blue gear is equal to +3 Kaia's Soul
  • superior gear is equal to +6 Kaia's Soul at +0 (equal to +9 Kaia's Soul at at +4)
  • mythic gear is equal to +9 Kaia's Soul at +0


Blue gear drops in lowers dungeons Abscess, Akalath Quarantine. Also gear boxes are available from Exodor Justicar and Free Exodor merchants.

Dungeons with item level requirement 501+ (Velik's Hold, Damned Citadel) drop mainly blue gear, but have a chance to drop superior gear.

Dungeons with item level requirement 504+ (Fusion Laboratory, GLSH) have a chance to drop mythic gear.

Gear drops in Weapon and Armor Crates and matches class who opens it. This means there is (luckily) more gear available for more popular classes and less waste.

Equipment can be crafted from materials acquired from dismantled equipment. Designs from smelting crafting merchant. Mythic grade designs are only random dungeon drops (from Draakon Arena).


Enchanting Mahtnan gear

Enchanting is done with familiar Forge interface. Seems materials are different for every +3 and you need to run different dungeons or buy materials with AWAKE Tokens. For list of materials see AWAKE Merchant.

Up to +3 (40% chance):

  • Murky Mahtnan Powder
  • Mahtnan Ash

4–6 (35% chance at +3):

  • Murky Mahtnan Powder (14)
  • Mahtnan Ash (5)
  • Forge Fragment (4)
  • Power Fragment (4)

7–9: (20% chance at +7, material listed at +7)

  • Tough Nut Token (3)
  • Token of Vigour (3)
  • Blacksmith's Token (3)
  • Murky Mahtnan Powder (29)
  • Gleaming Mahtnan Powder (4)
  • Mahtnan Ash (12)


  • Forge Crystal
  • Hero's Crystal

Gear cannot be damage or enchant level cannot drop when trying to enchant.

Gear has new succession system. You can move enhancement level to new equipment. Seems you can even transfer from low rarity gear to mythic gear. This means you can switch gear if you find a better piece and not lose progress. Transfer includes enhancement level, random options and etching. Except you need a Mahtnan Jewel of Magic Transference. (This was 490 T-cat in Korea. Seems that GF decided not to cash with it, and it drops somewhere. It was 40,000 on broker before it was added to Tikat Shop for same price as in Korea.)