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Merciless Leap (Warrior)
Skill information
Tooltip description
Merciless Leap (Warrior)Leaping Strike (Slayer and Warrior)
Your Leaping Strike (Warrior) deals 5x damage against knocked-down enemies.
Level 24 and above
Class Warrior
Source Tactics Instructor

Merciless Leap (Warrior) is a passive skill that can be learned by Warriors at level 24. It cannot be ranked up.

Learning Merciless Leap (Warrior) increases damage dealt when the Warrior casts Leaping Strike (Warrior). Rank I of Leaping Strike (Warrior) is a prerequisite for learning Merciless Leap (Warrior).

Rank table Edit

Merciless Leap (Warrior) can be bought from Tactics Instructors. This skill cannot be upgraded.

Rank Level Cost
I 24 30Silver 46Copper

Glyphs Edit

Merciless Leap (Warrior) has no glyph available at any level.

Gallery Edit

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