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Skill information
Tooltip description
Cast time 3.2sec
MP cost 400
Cooldown 20sec
Briefly put targets to sleep in a 4m radius centered 10m in front of you.
Level 24 and above
Class Sorcerer
Source Magic Instructor
Target Enemies
Mana cost 400
Range 10m
Cast time 3.2sec
Cooldown 20sec

Mindblast is an active skill that can be taught to Sorcerers at level 24 and can be ranked up at later levels.

Mindblast can be performed with a disc by the Sorcerer to cast an AoE sleep effect. The long cast time can be slightly offset by first using Time Gyre. This skill can be used as CC or as an interrupt (ie. to a BAM).

Duration of sleep varies dependent on skill rank.

Rank table[]

To obtain and upgrade Mindblast, one must find a Magic Instructor and pay a certain price of gold dependent on rank.

Rank Level Cost Damage
I 24 31Silver coin 36Copper coin Unknown [edit]
II 50 14Gold coin 95Silver coin 49Copper coin Unknown [edit]


To glyph Mindblast, a glyph must be obtained and learned only once. At level 60, a character has 50 glyph points available to spend on all available sorcerer glyphs. Most glyphs, specifically common glyphs can be purchased from a Glyph Master, while fine glyphs must be looted from enemies.

(Disclaimer: As NPC shop prices vary depending on a variety of factors, the prices below are subject to variation. Only take them as benchmarks.)

Icon Name Skill Level Glyph Points Cost Description
Mindblast Glyph Glyph of Lingering Mindblast 24 4 90Silver coin 48Copper coin Increases effect duration by 25%.
Mindblast Glyph Glyph of Haste Mindblast 24 5 90Silver coin 48Copper coin Speeds casting by 30%.
Mindblast Glyph Glyph of Persistence Mindblast 24 5 90Silver coin 48Copper coin 25% chance to eliminate cooldown.
Mindblast Glyph Glyph of Sharing Mindblast 24 5 90Silver coin 48Copper coin Increases chance of debuff when skill hits multiple targets.
Ice Needle Glyph Glyph of Blaze Ice Needle 20 5 49Silver coin 23Copper coin Speeds casting by 40% for Mindblast, the next skill in the chain.




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