HW Mystery Merchant inventory

example of Mystery Merchant inventory

Mystery Merchants are NPCs who sell and buy special items. Mystery Merchant shops are only open occasionally and they accept only Mystery Market Coins. This type of shops were added in patch 85 in August 2019.

You need to finish level 66 quest Quest:Getty's Invention before accessing merchant wares.

Merchant inventory is random. It usually includes highest level enchanting materials, Pocket Tab expanders and occasionally dragon mount with crit power buff, very fast (330) normal mounts or auto-gathering and loot-collecting pets.

Merchant inventory is limited, there's usually only 1 mount or more expensive stuff available. When someone buys it, it's greyed out in shop. Also items are limited per account, you can only buy one Pocket Tab expander even merchant has 3 in inventory.

There is announcement when merchant arrives. However, this announcement is province-wide and you don't get the info if you're not there. Merchants stays open around 30 minutes in one place.

Merchants have few locations they may appear. Places are not marked on map. Some are easy to found and some not.

Mystery Market Coins are awarded as Vanguard Request rewards from high level quests on NA servers. On EU they dropped only in Ghillieglade, and after patch 86 in vanguards too.


  • Highwatch in city
  • Allemantheia in city
  • Velika in city

Mystery Merchants in cities have fixed locations and are marked on map. They are not open all the time. They are masked human males.

Five minutes before merchant shop opens there might be goblin Starc, Mystery Market Coin Vendor who sells maximum of 3 coins for about 1000 gold each. Starc appears four times a day in main cities. (He appears around 06 to 08 AM in Kaiator in EU servers. This seems to depend when server was started after maintenance). (Order should be Kaiator, Allemantheia, Highwatch, Velika 6 hours apart).

There are also traveling merchants that appear on some locations for some time. They are goblins. One merchant appears in one province. Generally you want to search merchant in towns, camps, dungeon teleportals and other landsmarks. Generally merchants have only one spawn point in each zone. For example Val Elenium merchant appears in one place in Wyrmgorge, in one place in Tor Exsul and in one place in Sienna Canyon. This is not always a case, since ie. Velika Outskirts has no named subdivisions.


  • Veracun, Velika Outskirts Mystery Merchant may appear least in:
    • Event Arena (north wall stairs)
    • Antaroth's Abyss teleportal
    • Airship Platform (southwestern platform)
    • Velika Outskirts Arena outside Velika North Gate
    • Horse ranch outside Velika West Gate
    • along the road that comes from Freeholds to beach, next to some ruins, basicly middle of nowhere
    • along the road south of Event Area, next to some speakers platform
    • Near pile of goods between Free Trader Hall and the nearby dock.

Northern SharaEdit

  • Silvette, Sylvanoth Mystery Merchant
  • Hecurn, Helkan District Mystery Merchant (Khanovar Front)
    • entrance of cave/road leading to Argonea (global chat)
    • Cyanocannon Foundry, north edge of the southern platform
  • Lotica, Val Tirkai Mystery Merchant

Southern SharaEdit

  • Ezart, Essenia Mystery Merchant may appear least:
    • ruins where initial quest takes you (Rift's Edge teleportal location)
    • Stronghold of Blood, next platform to Kierhan
    • Garbi Outpost
    • (total 7 locations in, maybe some are story quest spawns)
  • Viace, Val Elenium Mystery Merchant
  • Storan, Westonia Mystery Merchant
  • Alluman, Allemantheia (Outskirts) Mystery Merchant
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