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The Mystic: Skills Glyphs Weapons Armour

Mysticminiicon Mystic
Role Support
Combat range Medium (10 meters)
Movement speed Normal (110%)
Weapon type Scepter
Armor type Cloth
"Commanding ancient powers."

The mystic is a cloth armored class which specializes in a scepter with long ranged healing capabilities.

Controlling the powers of Arun and Shara, their main focus is to heal their allies and to hinder their enemies, whilst keeping a distance from the battlefield. They also have the ability to drain the essence from their enemies, granting it to their allies and summon powerful minions to support them at need.

Official description Edit

"A mystic walks a wild path, combat pets at her sides, wielding primal powers to harm and heal, empowering her allies while cursing her enemies. Mystics travel the whole battlefield freely. They fight at close quarters, healing and boosting allies, draining and destroying enemies. They channel powerful auras that enhance whole groups. They summon allies to draw aggro, to fight, or to heal, and can summon their entire party from one location to another.
Add extensive crowd control and the capability to resurrect fallen allies, and you can see why adventuring parties seek them out. They add to the longevity of any party, can seize an out-of-control situation and dominate it until their allies are on the offensive again, or simply unleash their own magical fury. Mystics make their comrades better at what they do—and a whole lot more.

Equipment and attributes Edit


Equipment Edit

Although equipped with the weakest of all armour available, cloth armor, the mystic specializes in great healing abilities to remedy that. Equipped with a powerful scepter, the mystics are given control of Arun and Shara energy, allowing them to summon unique beings for their aid and supportive healing. The scepter also proves to be a great weapon when it comes to combat, more often than not allowing the mystic to be almost as great as any other offensive class.

Attributes Edit

Healers generally try to maximize cooldown reduction. For mystic, especially after apex also mana is major problem.

Desired stats are usually cooldown reduction >> attack speed >> heal >> crit factor. Rationale of crit factor comes from the fact that healing skills can crit too and restore additional health.

Recommended weapon rolls are: cooldown reduction, cooldown reduction, +4.5% attack speed, +6% healing skills, and last roll either crit rate or replenish 0.6% mana when using a skill.

Only remotely useful chest line for common PVE is Teleport Jaunt cooldown. Although damage from Metamorphic Smite can be used (rather as alternative option) for open world damage dealing. Also cooldown for Shara's Lash is sometimes used in PVP build.

For Weapon Crystals good choices are Carving for healing crits, Swift for additional movement speed and Brilliant for mana regeneration. For some situations, like farming Guardian Legion missions standard melee DPS crystals are used.

With new level 70 patch Exodor gear mystic, like all cloth armor users, uses gear with magic amplification: Manaforce Azart or Dark Light gear. (Crystals, rollable weapon lines incl. double cooldown and chest line are not available on Exodor gear level 68/69 gear or on new level 65 Exodor Scout gear.)

Healers generally use all crit rings, earring and necklace. Earring should be rolled to +4% HP and endurance or -10% stun duration for PVP. For rings rolls are healing, mana regeneration or crit factor.

With patch 93 new passives healers now scale also with their magic resistance stat. Magic resistance increases the power boost mystic can give to party by 1 per 10,000 points of magic resistance and the crit power boost by 0.02 per 10,000 points when popping thralls.[2]

Skills and racial traits Edit

Skills Edit


A male castanic mystic using Titanic Favor Titanic Favor.

Mystics are capable of supporting their group members in multiple kind of ways.

Main support task is recovering their party member's health with the help of Titanic Favor Titanic Favor and creating orb-looking motes that can recover health when picked with the help of Arun's Vitae Arun's Vitae , and motes that can recover mana with the help of Arun's Tears Arun's Tears. It's important to drop both types of motes preemptively.

Other mystic's healing skills are Warding Totem and Boomerang Pulse. As name implies, Warding Totem gives other members of party rather weak ~7000 HP shield for 10 seconds[3] in addition of healing over time. Boomerang Pulse is strongest mystic heal. It goes forth and returns to sender, healing allies both ways and damaging enemies. It's also has rather short range so mystic has to move actively to use it. Arun's Cleansing Touch is standard cleanse skill.

As TERA healers have other duties besides healing mystics gets powerful buff skills in form of auras. Mystic is capable of emanating two out of four constant auras which will improve the gameplay of the party. Aura of the Merciless Aura of the Merciless increases power, attack speed and critical rate, Aura of the Swift Aura of the Swift increases movement speed. Aura of the Tenacious Aura of the Tenacious constantly gives mana to party members, and Aura of the Unyielding Aura of the Unyielding increases critical resistance which is useful in PVP.

For debuffing dungeons' bosses Mystic has Volley of Curses and Contagion. Volley of Curses has short cooldown and should be kept up constantly casting it least in every 20 seconds. Contagion has longer cooldown and should be timed with boss enrages and when other players use boost skills or brooches.

Special skill that should be noted is Corruption Ring. The skill has two parts. Activating it deals damage to all enemies inside the ring. Also while casting mystic is immune to stagger, knockdown and stuns. If glyphed mystic also takes only 50% of damage. This skill's notable use is to avoid stunning AOE attacks in dungeons while casting. Second tap on skill button gives mana to allies based on the damage done by ring.

Alongside of the priest, the mystic is given other skills aside from healing that can support the group in different ways, such as Summon Party Summon: Party (Mystic) which can summon all the party to the mystic, and Resurrect Resurrect (Mystic) which can revive the dead.

The mystic's resurrection signature spell is Vow of Rebirth Vow of Rebirth which allows the mystic to pre-resurrect a party member if that player dies. It is very important to glyph this skill to give similar effect to mystic themself, which allows them to resurrect themself if they happen to die.

For damage dealing mystic gets Metamorphic Blast (Mystic) and Metamorphic Smite, which also has chance to knock down enemies. Also previously mentioned Volley of Curses and Boomerang Pulse are pretty good DPS skills.

There are quite many mystic skills that are mainly useful in PvP. Mire slows down enemies, Sonorous Dreams puts them to sleep, Shara's Lash is stun attack up to 10 meters away which also slows down enemies, and Curse of Confusion makes enemies run aimlessly around. Regression can be used to cancel priest's blessing from enemies.

Mystic Thralls Edit


A popori mystic sitting next to its trusted Thrall of Protection Thrall of Protection. Original design of Thrall.

The mystic has four minions available for summoning at any given time with some cooldown restrictions, each having their own unique roles for combat situations, which makes mystic a very unique class. The minions can be killed in combat effectively unsummoning them:

  • Thrall of Life Thrall of Life, a minion which takes the form of a fairy that can be summoned to heal the mystic and other party members with area effect healing abilities and given the ability to remove harmful effects.
  • Thrall of Protection Thrall of Protection, a minion which takes the form of a wild popori that can be summoned to draw attention off enemies in a defensive role, or can be ordered to attack or chase enemies or other player.
  • Thrall of Vengeance Thrall of Vengeance, a minion which takes the form of a Lightning spirit, who sits on a stand, that can be summoned to attack with ranged attacks.
  • Thrall of Wrath Thrall of Wrath, a minion which takes the form of a huge flying golem that can be summoned to attack with powerful attacks. Cooldown is rather long.

Apex changesEdit

Thrall Lord

Thrall Lord, new thrall from Apex skills

After awakening mystic gets several new skills.

Mass Teleport can teleport multiple group members. Basically it is additional Teleport Jaunt. It can also move group members, unfortunately it seems this skill can't really pull party members that are stuck behind closed door and such, like priest can do.

Arunic Release explodes motes in front of mystic. Motes heal allies and restore mana. This is also the most powerful attack skill mystic has.

Summon: Thrall Lord summon king thrall, also know as King Blob, which deals AOE damage on place it's summoned.

Thrall Augmentation is new toggle skill for party buffs. When activated, summoned thralls give beneficial buffs to allies. Thrall of Vengeance gives party power buff and should be summoned always when it's available. Thrall of Wrath should be timed with boss enrages. Thrall of Protection gives shield to allies. Thrall of Life cleanses allies, ie. removes stuns and heals.

Using Thrall Augmentation costs 200 mana per second and makes mystic very mana hungry.

Racial traits Edit

Being able to pick between one of the seven races proves to be a tough choice. Each race has their own unique racial traits that can effectively improve the gameplay of the mystic, depending on race choice:

The Baraka might be the best class for mystic. Their active skill fills an important gap in mystic class skills, the ability to quickly restore their own health. Also Baraka animations are top-notch. Despite this the race doesn't seem to enjoy particular popularity, which hints the race selection is maybe not based on their abilities but other factors.

Glyphs and crystals Edit

Glyphs Edit

Specializing in glyphs like all classes means a great deal to customization. Notable glyphs are:

Crystals Edit

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