Red Lash Petty Officer

medium-sized Naga

Nagas (아간티, Aganti) are enemies which appear throughout the game of TERA. Nagas in TERA are sentient race who worship their god Dagon and are capable of using magic and engaged in various economic activities, most famously pirating. These monsters vary from normal-sized monsters and minions to BAMs.

Naga BAMs[]


  • Variants: Naga Mercenary, Juggernaut Mercenary
  • Named: Nakarash
  • Attacks:
    1. Stomp (180° at the front with about 6m range, 45° at the back 3m range. high damage) ,
    2. Shockwave Attack (180°, 18m range, high damage),
    3. 2 swipes with his blades (210-225° melee range),
    4. Bomb (vertical throw,1-? meters , high damage)
    5. Fist Attack (vertical attack , 1-10m)
    6. Forward Jump (vertical line 15-18m)
    7. Side Jump (horizontal line 3-6m)
    8. Triple Jump (diagonal jump to the right,horizontal jump to the left, diagonal jump to the front, 1-18m, high damage)
  • Tips:
    1. Stay at his sides all the time. Even ranged characters should stay close.
    2. Before he stomps the ground he will tap the floor a few times ( evade his stomp as it does high damage and causes bleed).
    3. All Nagas except the Naga Mercenaries have a shockwave attack, it only happens when he looks kinda relaxed (this attack has the same power as the stomp attack; evade it if possible).
    4. When he uses his Fist Attack he will unequip his blades, you will have enough time to walk to his sides.
    5. When he uses his Triple Jump he will raise his front legs quickly. If you walk to his sides you will be safe.
  • Solo difficulty: 2/5


Nagas were created by god Dagon. After their god was killed Nagas hope to resurrect him. Efforts are mainly concentrated in Temple of Dagon in Val Palrada. Nagas seem to be lacking in magic and have recruited Melkonari to their aid.