Assistant Archaeologist Ronalt

Naslow's Treasure Maps are kind of treasure hunt in TERA, added in patch 82 in May 2019.

Note: German name for the guy is Wilson, and this name is sometimes found in Gameforge patch notes. (Guy is know as Wilson in all localizations but English[1]).

If you happen to find a map, gather a party of five players and everyone one gets same awards. Use map in correct location and Assistant Archaeologist Ronalt spawns who digs up a reward crate.

Legacy Information[]

Originally you had to find two pieces of Map (left and right) and combine them. Map pieces dropped rarely in dungeons and possibly super rarely on BAMs (least Basilisks in Sienna Canyon). Initially map parts could only be traded by putting them in Guild Bank. Later they could be traded directly between players, but not put on trade broker. Naslow's Maps were early (only) source of rare relics and halidoms and very valuable as such. Combining map pieces gives complete map. Using the map reveals location were the treasure is found.

Maps had further changes in patch 92 in April 2020. Now maps drop as whole, but they expire in 3 hours and you have to use map within this time. Also awards was changed. Treasure no longer drops diamonds, but loads of materials for Etchings (100 to 300 each of Titan's Fire, Titan's Peace, Titan's Earth, and Titan's Storm. As Earth and Storm price was more than 500Gold coin per piece on server Mystel, this was not such a bad deal, although the price went heavily down).

Several problems surfaced. Drops could be stolen. When treasure chest spawned after using map, first one who destroyed it could pick up drops, even he was not in the group with player who started the event. Also there was reportedly an exploit and maps could be used many times, giving infinite drops.

Note: on Gameforge EU servers Naslow's Maps were removed in May 2020 patch, replaced random Jackpot Dungeon Drop: Hidden Wooden Crates, Hidden Silver Crates, Hidden Gold Crates that drop in dungeons. These are same crates that Ronalt digs up. However, maps were restored in February 2021 patch.


Locations are listed in Achievements->Encounters and Exploration->Miscellaneous->Legendary Treasure Hunter. Note that only player who activated the map gets the achievement.

There are 5 possible locations in Aurum Road, Quarantine Zone, Archive Grounds, Citadel of Torment, and in Thrallhold. locations are listed as:

"Use this map under three trees on the road where Tulufan and Cathedral Passageway meet. A friend will show you the way."
"Use this map in the hidden cave connecting Quarantine Zone and Northern Feral Valley. A friend will show you the way."
"Use this map at the location where Lok's Spear is. A friend will show you the way."
"Use this map at the place which you must pass to get to the Citadel of Torment's basement—a frozen room where the Wraith statues and books are located. A friend will show you the way."
"Use this map beneath Field Base Reciprocity, inside the cave the stairways are pointing at, where an alien pipe is located. A friend will show you the way."

This same idea was used in Intelligence Reports, Exodor Cryptograms , and 2019 Christmas Event.


  1. Korean 윌슨, japanese: ウィルソン, Russian: Уилсон which is transliteration from name Wilson