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Ninja Transform

An Elin Ninja standing next to a log decoy from Decoy Jutsu.

Icon Name Level Glyphs Description
Mind and Body as One
Mind and Body as One (Passive) 1
Combo Attack-0
Combo Attack (Ninja)|Combo Attack (Ninja) 1
Shadow Jump
Shadow Jump 1
Decoy Jutsu
Decoy Jutsu 1
Double Cut
Double Cut 2
Skyfall 4
Jagged Path
Jagged Path 6
Circle of Steel
Circle of Steel 8
One Thousand Cuts
One Thousand Cuts 10
Retaliate Retaliate (Ninja) 12
Leaves on the Wind
Leaves on the Wind 14
Poised Steps
Poised Steps (Passive) 16
Impact Bomb
Impact Bomb 18
Blade Storm 20
Clone Jutsu 24 -
Burning Heart 28
Attunement 32
Chakra Thrust 38
Death Blossom 44
Smoke Bomb 50
Fire Avalanche 58
Focus 65 -