Northern Arun
Northern Arun

Northern Arun is one of the continents of Arborea.

Most things related to the Northern part of the Continent of Arun remains unknown, since this part of the game was just released. So far the only way to reach this area is by airship. You will arrive in this area by following the quest "Supplies and Demands" and the quests after it.

Val Oriyn, a level 60–65 area, is the only area explored so far. Val Oriyn can be split up into five smaller regions:

Before Release:

There isn't also any content, story or characters that are connected, somehow, to this part. However, there are rumors that once this land is released, more Levels, Quests and such will be released as well - making it one of the biggest Patches that TERA has ever been apart of, besides from the Reaper patch that was recently released.

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