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Offense (also DPS, DPSer, Damage Dealer, DD) is a role in TERA, as the name implies, that focuses on dealing damage to bosses while in a party clearing dungeons. The tank and healer classes which both have their own task can deal damage when necessary, but generally not as effectively as the offense role.

In TERA damage dealer classes are furthermore divided to ranged and melee classes.

Melee Offense[]

Melee offense (common refereed to as Melee combat, Close-ranged combat, or just Melee) is a fighting style that requires the player to be close up to enemy and attack from there. In TERA, being close to the enemy leaves you very vulnerable to the enemy as the enemy is very close to the player, especially against enemy players.

The Melee Offense classes in the game include the following:

Ranged Offense[]

Ranged offense (commonly refereed to as Ranged DPS, Long-ranged combat, or just Ranged) is a fighting style that is recommended to be used at a long range, away from the enemy. Only archer is "forced" of keep distance from enemies due passive skill that gives extra damage when keeping distance.

The players are not forced to be at far distance by game mechanics, but it's generally easier to. However some dungeons have special mechanics that target players further from the boss, while melee classes are safe.

There are three Ranged Offense in the game, such include the following:

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