Ostgarath Province
Continent Southern Arun

Tucked into the northeast corner of Southern Arun lies the province of Ostgarath. The city of Castanica sits in the heart of this coastal province. The castanic capital and its surrounding areas face many threats, not the least of which are the nagas to the west, who will stop at nothing to resurrect the serpent-god who created them. The murderous Kazuur Syndicate, masters of the slave trade, have enlisted the aid of the menacing Red Lash pirates to control much of the south.

With Valkyon Federation forces focused on the argon front, Ostgarath is more vulnerable than ever, and the people who live here desperately need outside help to survive predation by nagas, slavers, pirates, and worse. Corruption within the federation threatens Ostgarath from the inside—but perhaps the proof needed to expose this treachery hides within the province itself.


Ostgarath features everything from sun-kissed beaches to volcanic chasms to the continent’s only red-light district. Ostgarath’s varied terrain has one thing in common: at one time or another, it’s all seen battle.

Ostgarath’s most notable battle is the one that led the castanics to settle here—their war against the devas. The devas were once castanics, but the god
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" This world has existed long enough!" - Lakan whilst drawing his blade.

Lakan (Lakan the Avaricious) is an evil god who led some of the Castanics astray and turned them into the Archdevas. When the Demon Roak destroyed the Castanics' homeland, Lakan tempted the Castanics with promises of power. These Castanics would become the Archdevas and began to kill their own kind to test and amplify the power of Blood Magic. The Castanics were no match and sought refuge in Kaiator. It took the efforts of all the original races (excluding High Elves) to push Lakan and the Archdevas into Northern Arun. A storm barrier was erected to trap the Archdevas in the lost continent, subsequently trapping a clan of Barakas and sealed off their capital city, Highwatch. Lakan was later imprisoned for his crimes. He was broken out of prison with the help of Balbatos and with the storm barrier disabled due to the players actions, Lakan led his army to assault Velik's Sanctuary. The player will be tasked to stop Lakan and his archdevan army from taking Velik captive. tempted the devas with promises of blood magic. Under Lakan’s guidance, the devas conquered most of Northern Arun and marched south, determined to exterminate the castanics who refused to join them. An alliance of castanics, humans, poporis, and amani made a stand against the devas in Ostgarath, driving the devas back north and sealing them behind a magic barrier.

Though the devas are gone, a visitor to Ostgarath sees two consequences of the war. First, the castanics remained in Ostgarath, settling around the town that grew into present-day Castanica. Second, the alliance that defeated the devas brought other races to Ostgarath and proved that interracial cooperation could defeat a common foe. When diplomats argued over the formation of the Valkyon Federation, proponents pointed to the successful “Stand at Ostgarath” as proof that such alliances could work.[1]


Ostgarath is best known as the home to Castanica, the freewheeling Castanic capital where anything goes. To the south is the wide open town of Cutthroat Harbor, ruled by the Red Lash pirates and rumored to be home to a thriving slave trade overseen by the Kazuur Syndicate.

To the north is the fiery caldera of Fyrmount, where young castanics venture for their crucible—the castanic coming-of-age trial. To the east are Mistmoor Island and Serpentis Isle, where rumors of dark doings include a gula-controlled trade in human flesh.[2]

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