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Painful Trap
Skill information
Tooltip description
Painful TrapPainful Trap
Cast time 1.2sec
MP cost 300
Cooldown 30sec
Base Damage X
Set a trap that explodes when stepped on. Trap lasts 10 seconds.
Level 6 and above
Class Sorcerer
Source Magic Instructor
Target Enemies
Mana cost 300
Cast time 1.2sec
Cooldown 30sec

Painful Trap is an active skill that used by Sorcerers.

Painful Trap can be performed with a disc by the Sorcerer to set an exploding trap. The Sorcerer has the option to lure mobs into the trap, or cast the trap onto mobs standing close together. Trap explodes instantly as it touches opponent. Trap can be used as low damage filler while sorcerer is standing close to enemy.

In PvP the trap knocks down players. It's possible sit inside the trap during PvP. However, skilled opponent easily disarms the trap. Any class which can block damage can explode the trap without taking damage, and gets benefits of blocking an attack, like possibility to counter with Blade Draw.

Painful Trap was originally gained at level 6. However, with leveling skill changes (and due its relative uselessness), it was moved to level 48.

Rank table[]

To obtain and upgrade Painful Trap, one must find a Magic Instructor and pay a certain price of gold dependent on rank.

Amount of damage dealt varies dependent on skill rank.

Note: this is old table before leveling skill order changes.

Rank Level Cost Damage
I 6 1Silver coin 16Copper coin 49
II 18 10Silver coin 08Copper coin 104
III 30 75Silver coin 10Copper coin 221
IV 42 4Gold coin 77Silver coin 78Copper coin 471
V 56 30Gold coin 94Silver coin 06Copper coin 1137


To glyph Painful Trap, a glyph must be obtained and learned only once. At level 60, a character has 50 glyph points available to spend on all available sorcerer glyphs. Most glyphs, specifically common glyphs can be purchased from a Glyph Master, while fine glyphs must be looted from enemies.

(Disclaimer: As NPC shop prices vary depending on a variety of factors, the prices below are subject to variation. Only take them as benchmarks.)

Icon Name Skill Level Glyph Points Cost Description
Painful Trap Glyph Glyph of Brilliance Painful Trap 20 4 49Silver coin 23Copper coin Decreases MP consumption by 75.
Painful Trap Glyph Glyph of Influence Painful Trap 20 4 49Silver coin 23Copper coin Reduces MP cost for the next chain skill by 80: Flame Pillar.



Painful Trap

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