Plant Gathering is a gathering skill used in TERA which allows players to collect crafting material from plants throughout the game. Plant Gathering is necessary to acquire materials used in Cooking and Etching.

To gather from a plant node you need to get near it and press the interact key (Default: F). This starts an animation that can be stopped by taking damage, moving or performing a skill. Gathering from any node costs 10 PP. Gathering a node will give you 3-5 of the respective item for that node.

All six plant nodes have a chance of giving the player Nature's Aura along with the normal material acquired from the node. You also have a chance of receiving Harmony Grass when harvesting any of the other five nodes.

Plants exist in six tiers. There is no level restriction on gathering, so players of any gathering level may gather any plant. However, your gathering speed is determined by your gathering level. If you want to gather faster, consider investing in a Crude Sickle, Low Quality Sickle or eating Pickled Verida Root.

Tier 1 - Harmony GrassEdit

This can be found almost everywhere in TERA. It is not limited to a specific region and can also be acquired randomly when harvesting other types of plants.

Tier 2 - Wild Cobseed Edit

This can only be found in:

Tier 3 - Wild Veridia Edit

This can only be found in:

Tier 4 - Orange Mushroom Edit

This can only be found in:

Tier 5 - Old Moongourd Edit

This can only be found in:

Tier 6 - Apple Tree Edit

This can only be found in:

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