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LtR: Aman, Baraka, Castanic, Elin, High elf, Human, and Popori.

The seven playable races of The Exiled Realm of Arborea dub themselves as the Valkyon Federation. Once alone in the world, the seven races bound together to create the federation to keep the world at peace and defend it against the Argons or any other threat to existence.

Gameplay Differences[]

In game, the race you select does not affect your attributes. Only the class you select will affect your stats. In other words, no race has strengths or weaknesses over another in terms of stats. However, each race does have unique racial skills at their disposal. Every race has 3 passive skills and 2 active skills. The skills have a wide variety of uses ranging from combat to gathering.

List of playable races[]

The Amani of Kaiator[]


Amani are known for their constant war and extreme strength. Once slaves, serving as conquerors for their masters they soon set themselves free and learned to temper their lust for war and want peace. Nowadays, they're an honorable and noble race who value freedom at all costs. They are an extremely great ally to have at your back when times are dire.

The Wandering Baraka[]


Baraka are known for their extreme strength and size. Even though they're descendants of giants, they are great intellects, and are famous for their calm and great knowledge.

The Castanics of Castanica[]


Castanics are known for their suffering from prejudices and oppression for being an ally with an enemy demon, Roak, who would eventually destroy their homeworld. As a result of this, they've lost trust to outsiders, and decided to do things by themselves instead. Only till they managed to break free from the demon, the humans and amani helped them get into the Valkyon Federation.

The Elin of Pora Elinu[]


Elins are known for a childlike appearance including a tail, ears and jumpy attitude. However, the elins are not to be underestimated as their knowledge greatly overshadows that of an average person. The elins united themselves with the poporis in order to restore peace and fight against everything that is harmful toward nature.

The High Elves of Allemantheia[]


High Elves are known for their arrogance, yet great knowledge. They were the pinnacle of civilization before the War of the Gods. However after the war their source of power, the Stone of Eternity was destroyed, causing massive destruction and deaths.

The Humans of Velika[]


Humans are known for their indomitable spirit and strive for peace in Arborea, the Humans took on themselves the goal of peace and civilization. In order to reach this goal, they've founded the Valkyon Federation.

The Popori of Pora Elinu[]


Poporis are known for their collection of all magical animal-kin that make up their kingdom. They live in harmony with nature, and are guardians of their woodland realm, Poporia. Together with the elins, they live at peace with each other.

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