Poporia Province
Continent Southern Arun

Poporia is one of the provinces of the Southern Arun continent, inhabited by the Popori.

Shadowy valleys and eerie forests await soldiers of the Valkyon Federation as they venture into Poporia. Ancient mysteries and dark conspiracies endanger the kingdom, including the ongoing threat from the Scions of Lok. The vampirs, long allies of Poporia, grow restless and thirst for blood like never before. Disturbing rumors emerge from the Heavens Fall plantations.

The grim threats arrayed against the kingdom would prove too much for ordinary investigators, so the federation is sending in veteran soldiers like you.


Poporia is the ancestral home of the elin and the poporis, located in southeastern Arun. It’s the Valkyon Federation’s sole monarchy, ruled by an elin queen in Pora Elinu. Poporia’s haunting beauty comes from the perpetual darkness that shrouds it, and the wondrous landscape around the Lake of Tears. The elin and the poporis welcomed other settlers to their lands, taking in the vampirs when they needed a home, and allowing the Witches of Vadoma to found the Eldritch Academy Grounds there.

Poporia represents the transition from the beginning of a player’s career to the middle. By the time a player completes the Cliffs of Insanity, the Vale of the Fang, and Paraanon Ravine , they’ll be close to level 30. Taking on the challenges of Sinestral Manor should push players over the top, into the midgame levels. Completing the Lake of Tears, including the Eldritch Academy, will take care of your mid-thirties content.[1]


Poporia is the seat of the Valkyon Federation’s last monarchy, ruled by an Elin queen. The elins and poporis who live there have been formidable foes throughout history, despite their rather harmless appearance. The vampirs, another ancient race, have shared the province peacefully for many generations.

This province is also home to the Eldritch Academy, where the Witches of Vadoma have raised magical scholarship to an art form, collating research from all places and all ages of history to enhance arcane knowledge for all.

Pora Elinu, the capital, is built into a massive tree on the Lake of Tears. Popolion is larger, but politically less important.[2]

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