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The Priest: Skills Glyphs Weapons Armour

Priestminiicon Priest
Role Support
Combat range Medium (10 meters)
Movement speed Normal (110%)
Weapon type Staff
Armor type Cloth
"Uniting the strength of gods and mortals."

The priest is a cloth armored class which specializes in a staff with long ranged supportive healing capabilities.
Power granted by the blessing of Shakan to enhance their powers and great worshipers of Yurian, the God of Justice, as they rely solely on him to aid in combat when healing is necessary the most. The priest one of the two healer classes in TERA alongside the mystic.

Official Description[]

"Priests can bring allies back from the brink of death and beyond while burning and blasting their way through phalanxes of enemies. Priests derive power from their devotion to the gods, but it’s their devotion to others that earns them fame and friends on the battlefield. A priest has killing skills enough to survive alone in the toughest situations, and support spells to fortify, purify, and resurrect party members in need.
In fact, priests have more spells at their disposal than almost any other discipline. Priests are a support class that can also hold their own against foes. They keep themselves and their allies alive and regenerated while guarding them from critical damage, and still spare time to target foes for searing blasts of divine energy. They can target one comrade for healing, or remove poisons and curses from any nearby friendly player. They can stand up allies who have been knocked down, or put their enemies to sleep. It's no wonder that some say the party with the most skilled priest is the most likely to win victory in the field.


Equipment and attributes[]



Although equipped with weak set of cloth armor, the priest takes advantage on its ease of weight for improved meditation on the battlefield, allowing them to concentrate more and create powerful spells to fight against armies of evil, or support their party members. Equipped with a powerful staff, the priest is given control of attacking and healing abilities given many gods whom the priest wishes to follow, requesting justice and morale, allowing them to become a great role of being healer.


Healers generally try to maximize cooldown reduction. Desired stats are usually cooldown reduction >> attack speed >> heal >> crit factor. Rationale of crit factor comes from the fact that healing skills can crit too and restore additional health.

Recommended weapon rolls are: cooldown reduction, cooldown reduction, +4.5% attack speed, +6% healing skills, and last roll either crit rate or replenish 0.6% mana when using a skill.

Most commonly used chest line is Kaia's Shield cooldown. Previously also Focus Heal boost was used as alternative choice. However, this skill was nerfed heavily in Apex patch and it's not worth using anymore.

Healers generally use all crit rings, earring and necklace. Earrings should be rolled to +4% HP and endurance or -10% stun duration for PVP. For rings rolls are healing, crit factor or mana regeneration.

For Weapon Crystals good choices are Carving for healing crits, Swift for additional movement speed and Brilliant for mana regeneration. Priest is not generally mana-starved and ranged DPS crystals Spiteful, Focused and Savage (in that order for PVE) can be used for additional damage.

Note that while most priest attack skills are short-ranged, all have been classified as ranged skills in apex changes. Therefore priest should use ranged classes' weapon crystals for damage dealing, like farming Guardian Legion missions.

With new level 70 patch Exodor gear priest gear with magic amplification: Manaforce Azart or Dark Light gear. (Crystals, rollable weapon and chest line are not available on Exodor gear level 68/69 gear or on new level 65 Exodor Scout gear.)

With patch 93 new passives healers now scale also with their magic resistance stat. Priest Shield strength raises by 65% of magic resistance and buff priest gives with Divine Charge raises by 1 power and +0.01 crit power per 10000 points of magic resistance.[2]

Skills and racial traits[]



Baraka priest using Regeneration Circle Regeneration Circle.

In TERAs dungeons healers have many other duties besides recovering the party members' health. They give buffs to party, debuff the enemies and support party many other way, like giving them more mana or even bursting damage if needed.

Maybe the most well known of healing skills is Focus Heal Focus Heal which works just like excepted. Lock-in to some party members and push button again to restore their health. It's also one of the weakest healing skills priest has.

Instead priest should be more active and run next to low health ally and restore their health with much stronger Healing Circle Healing Circle. Other skill that shares cooldown with Healing Circle is Restorative Burst Restorative Burst which is more pre-emptive skill that restores health over time and can also cast from distance. Wider heal that catches more allies is Regeneration Circle Regeneration Circle. Stronger variation of Focus Heal is Healing Immersion Healing Immersion, that also has 8× longer cooldown, but chance to reset it immediately if glyphed.

One of the most important skills priest has is the Kaia's Shield Kaia's Shield. It grants maximum of five party members shield, which absorbs damage, but also makes them immune to knockdown and stagger. Additionally it heals shielded targets if glyphed.

To help party deal more damage priest has Energy Stars Energy Stars which gives powerful power and attack speed and cooldown reduction buff to allies.

For debuffing enemies priest has Triple Nemesis Triple Nemesis. This skill needs to be glyphed to give enemy reduced endurance. In dungeons you need to use this skill every 12 seconds to keep debuff up.

If everything else fails, priest can use Resurrect (Priest) Resurrect (Priest) to revive slain ally. Remember to glyph this skill too to give patient 100% health and mana after resurrection.

Priests originally had total of five blessings to provide various buffs to party. Those were later merged to two buffs, and during apex changes last two buffs were merged to Blessing of Shakan Blessing of Shakan which increases power, increases endurance, increases movement speed, recovers health over time and increases resistance to all harmful effects. Remember to apply blessing to resurrected allies too.

Another important blessing-like ability is the Grace of Resurrection Grace of Resurrection which allows priest to instantly resurrect self with 100% health and mana if they happened to die in battle. This skill should always be used before starting dungeon fight.

Priest is also given other skills aside from healing that can support the group in different ways, such as Summon: Party (Priest) Summon: Party (Priest) which can summon all the party to the priest and unique skill Arise Arise to instantly arise party members if knocked down.

For damage dealing priest gets Metamorphic Blast (Priest) Metamorphic Blast (Priest), Shocking Implosion Shocking Implosion and Final Reprisal Final Reprisal. Priest's Metamorphic Blast has unique effect: it gives next attack skills within 2 seconds +50% critical chance when hitting enemy. Final Reprisal itself it low damage skill unless cast after Shocking Implosion with powerlink glyph to give skill 40% more damage. Finally the most powerful attack skill, Zenobia's Vortex Zenobia's Vortex, which also lifts enemies to air for short period to prevent them moving or attacking. This should also be comboed with Metamorphic Blast. The other long-range attack skill Triple Nemesis Triple Nemesis is pretty weak and is mainly used to debuff enemies, although 3rd hit hits much harder.

Overall priest is quite strong damage dealer in open world, like in Guardian Legion missions but gets reduced damage in dungeons where main task is support.

Apex changes[]

After awakening priest gets several new skills.

Divine Charge replaces Mana Charge. It gives mana to allies, but also heals and gives power and crit power buff.

Holy Burst is new healing skill. It launches ball, that heals allies and damages enemies. It also gives reduced damage taken for short time.

Edict of Judgment is new powerful dps burst skill. It buffs priest's damage skills and group power by 20 and crit factor by 30. However, healing and shield skills are not available. Some attack skills have buffed damage or range and attacks also restore health and mana to allies. All attack skills priest uses are counted as attacks from the rear. If needed, priest can cancel this still by pressing skill button again to continue with healing skills.

Racial traits[]

Being able to pick between one of the seven races proves to be a tough choice. Each race has their own unique racial traits that can effectively improve the gameplay of the priest, depending on race choice:

Glyphs and crystals[]


Specializing in glyphs like all classes means a great deal to customization.

Some recommended glyphs are:

  • Triple Nemesis Triple Nemesis: Enfeebling Triple Nemesis: decreases target endurance by 10% for 12 seconds
  • Energy Stars Energy Stars: Lingering Energy Stars: increases effect duration by 25%
  • Energy Stars Energy Stars: Boosted Energy Stars: increases power and attack speed additional 20%

These are basic glyphs that should be used in dungeons to maximize party damage output.

This skill is very important should priest happen to die. Glyph + cooldown reduction reduces its base cooldown of 15 minutes to less than 5 min.

Resurrect is a very important skill is harder dungeons. Least Hearty Resurrect should be used.

  • Heal Thyself Heal Thyself: Restorative Heal Thyself: increases HP recovery by 20%

Depends on your gear and crystals, but if self-healing is too low, use this.

  • Blessing of Shakan Blessing of Shakan: Fleetfooted Blessing of Shakan: increases combat movement speed by 15
  • Kaia's Shield Kaia's Shield: Regenerating Kaia's Shield: recovers 5% HP every 2 seconds for 6 seconds
  • Kaia's Shield Kaia's Shield: Energetic Kaia's Shield: decreases cooldown 25%

Kaia's Shield is one of the most powerful priest's skills. With glyph + cooldown reduction its cooldown is down from 50 seconds to ~20 sec. As shield lasts 12 seconds, it has over 50% uptime.

  • Focus Heal Focus Heal: Multiplicative Focus Heal: increases targets by 2

This is more powerful version of Focus heal.

If priest misses cleanse on some party members, it can be cast almost immediately again with this glyph.

As this is only priest's iframe. Especially useful in PVP.

Each hit with Zenobia's Vortex reduces Edict of Judgement cooldown by 2 seconds. Spamming this skill is good idea for Apex priest.

These glyphs are mainly for PVP.

  • Summon Group: Energetic Summon Group: decreases cooldown by 20%

This glyph is mainly useful in GVG or CU. But if you have 1 glyph point left put it here.


See above. Carving is recommended for healing crits, Swift for additional movement speed. Otherwise priest uses ranged DPS classes crystals Spiteful, Focused, Savage and Pounding for additional damage.



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