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Baraka priest using Regeneration Circle Regeneration Circle.

The priest specializes in various priest skills and highly depends on such in terms of combat in order to deal damage from long range, heal allies and attempt to avoid getting hit. Most priest skills can only be used while a staff is equipped.

There are currently 33 priest skills which can only be learned by the Priest. While 31 of them can be learned from the skill menu, Divine Radiance Divine Radiance, Heal Thyself Heal Thyself, and Backstep (Priest) Backstep (Priest) are gained automatically upon character creation.

All of the skills with the exception of Backstep (Priest) Backstep (Priest) can be enhanced with a glyph with the total glyph cost up to 55 points, depending on the character's level.

Icon Name Level Glyphs Description
Divine Radiance Divine Radiance 1 Power Project a pulse of energy at an enemy up to 18m away.
Heal Thyself Heal Thyself 1 Restoration Restore X HP to yourself (modified by your heal bonus).
Backstep Backstep (Priest) 1 None Quickly back up out of harm's way.
Mana Infusion (Mystic and Priest) Mana Infusion (Priest) 2 HasteSpirit You regain 100 MP every 1 second for 20 seconds. Ends if you take damage or use a combat skill or item.
Metamorphic Blast Metamorphic Blast (Priest) 2 BrillianceNumbing Project a cone of divine energy that damages nearby enemies.
Triple Nemesis Triple Nemesis 4 PowerlinkEnfeeblement Throw energy pulses at a target up to 18m away. Holding or repeatedly pressing the skill button generates up to three pulses

PvP: Reduced damage at max distance

Final Reprisal Final Reprisal 4 BrilliancePersistenceSlowing Release energy from your staff that damages enemies within 5m. Activates faster if you first use Metamorphic Bast, Shocking Implosion Shocking Implosion, Triple Nemesis Triple Nemesis, or Zenobia's Vortex Zenobia's Vortex.
Fiery Escape Fiery Escape 6 Brilliance Damages targets in front of you, briefly decreasing their movement speed by 50%, then fly backwards.
Restorative Burst Restorative Burst 6 BrillianceLingering Create a burst of healing 10 meters in front of you. Party members will regenerate X HP every second for 5 seconds (modified by your heal bonus).
Focus Heal Focus Heal 10 MultiplicationLongshot Restore X HP to 2 targeted group members within 19m (modified by your heal bonus). Press the skill button once and mouse over to lock on targets, then press the skill again or left-click to heal all targets.
Retaliate Retaliate (Priest) 12 EnergyPower Leap to your feet while attacking your target. You can use this skill only when knocked-down. You become briefly immune to knockdown, stagger, and stuns.
Mana Charge Mana Charge 12 CollaborationHastePowerlinkSpirit Hold down the skill button, then release it to restore up to MP to you and up to 35 party/raid members within 18m. The longer you hold down the button, the more MP is restored. While charging up, you can move at full speed.
Shocking Implosion Shocking Implosion 14 Powerlink Produce an electrical burst 3m in front of you.
Ishara's Lullaby Ishara's Lullaby 14 Energy Put target briefly to sleep. Press the button once and mouse over to lock on up to 1 target within 18m, then press the skill button again or left-click to cast at your target.
Purifying Circle Purifying Circle 16 Energy Instantly remove all harmful effects from up to 15 allies within 17m.
Regeneration Circle Regeneration Circle 18 EnergyInfluenceLingering Up to 5 allies within 16m of you heal X HP every 2 sec for 10 sec (modified by your heal bonus).
Resurrect Resurrect (Priest) 18 BrillianceEnergyHaste When dead group members lie within 5m, you can restore life to the nearest 1.
Blessing of Shakan Blessing of Shakan 26 Lingering You and your allies within 8m receive a blessing that increases non-combat movement speed by 10 for 15 min.
Summon Party Summon: Party (Priest) 22 BrillianceEnergy Teleport all group members within the same province to your side. You cannot teleport group members who are in other provinces.
Arise Arise 24 Energy Instantly stands group members up to 20m away and increases balance factor by 100% for 5 seconds.
Plague of Exhaustion Plague of Exhaustion 24 Energy Call up a plague that immediately removes all beneficial effects and inflicts X damage every 3 sec for 15 sec on up to 4 targets within 18m. Against other players, the damage decreases, but their cooldown time increases by 50% for some of their skills. Press the skill button once and mouse over to lock on targets, then press the skill button again or left-click to plague all targets.
Healing Circle Healing Circle 26 Restoration Heal X HP for up to 5 nearby group members other than you (modified by your heal bonus).
Homeward Bound Homeward Bound 32 Brilliance Teleport yourself and group members within 20m to the nearest campfire.
Blessing of Balder Blessing of Balder 36 Lingering You and up to 25 allies within 15m receive a blessing that increases endurance by 6, all resistances by X, and recovers Y HP every 2 seconds for 15 min (modified by your heal bonus).
Prayer of Peace Prayer of Peace 36 Haste Nullify your aggro from nearby enemies.
Energy Stars Energy Stars 40 EnergyLingering Fires an energy bolt at a targeted enemy within 18m. The bolt damages the target while increasing the power of group members within approximately 35 meters by X and attack speed by 8 for 20 seconds. Press the skill button once and mouse over to lock on target, then press the skill button again or left-click to shoot.
Kaia's Shield Kaia's Shield 42 EnergyGrounding Cast a barrier that absorbs X damage on up to 5 allies including yourself within 18m for 12 sec. Immune to knockdown and stagger while barrier is up. Effect ends when it reaches damage limit.
Guardian Sanctuary Guardian Sanctuary 50 Energy Reduces ranged damage taken by 30% for X sec, while increasing weakening and DOT resistances by 100% and greatly increasing stun resistance.
Divine Respite Divine Respite 56 Energy Replenish 1.8% of your total HP every 1 second for 10 sec (modified by your heal bonus).
Healing Immersion Healing Immersion 60 Persistence Lock on a target within 19m and fire a healing light to restore HP by X (modified by your heal bonus) to all party members within 7m of the locked target. Press the skill button once and mouse over to lock on the target, then press the skill button again or left-click to heal all targets.
Grace of Resurrection Grace of Resurrection 60 Energy Grants a blessing enabling the priest to resurrect immediately with 100% HP and MP, and 120% stamina. The effect lasts for 20min, and you can only resurrect while it is still in effect.
Zenobia's Vortex Zenobia's Vortex 61 Unleashes a whirlwind up to 18m, dealing damage to all enemies in its path and briefly throwing them into the air, unless they are elite or BAMs.
Divine Intervention Divine Intervention 65 Retrieves a party member within 24m in front of the caster. Press the skill button once and mouse over to lock on target, then press the skill button again or left-click to activate the skill. Cannot grab an ally riding a mount or beyond an obstacle.

Removed skills[]

These following skills have been removed and are no longer available.

Icon Name Level Glyphs Description
Blessing of Zenobia Blessing of Zenobia 20 BoostFleetfoot Boost the non-combat speed of you and your allies within 8m by 10 for 10 minutes.
Blessing of Seren Blessing of Seren 34 Lingering Increase the endurance of up to 5 allies, including you, within 15m by X for 15 minutes.
Blessing of Arachne Blessing of Arachne 46 Lingering Increase all resistances for you and your allies within 15m by 5 for 25 minutes.