Processing is a crafting skill in TERA that allows players to create bait, silexes and other useful items.

Processing requires a variety of different items that be acquired by fishing, smelting, energy harnessing and purchasing items from NPCs.

There are 19 different processing recipes sorted into four categories for players to learn and craft. They are: Enchanting Materials, Silexes, Accessories and Bait.

Once Players are level 65 they are can learn and craft recipes that require a processing skill of 300 or less, which limits a player to only seven recipes. When a player reaches a processing skill of 500 they are able to take an Artisan Test which, once completed, will enable a player to learn and craft more advanced level recipes.

Revival Fruit is used to reset your skill base back to 500.

Processing Recipes[]

Materials Enchanting Materials Silexes Accessories Bait Partner Gift
Craft kits Silver Siglo Crimson Silex Angler's Whiskers I Bait II Puppy Figurine
Processing Reagent I Silver Plate Earth Silex Bait III Piglet Figurine
Revival Fruit Sharp Black Core Shard Azure Silex Bait IV
Adv Processing Tome Hard Black Core Shard Opal Silex Bait V
Obsidian Silex
Duranium Crystal
Flawless Duranium Crystal
Glorious Duranium Crystal

Simplified Path to Raising Processing[]

  • If you have the gold you can buy the Advanced Processing Tome from the Dark Merchant in Highwatch or any Processing Materials vendors to become a Master.
  • Otherwise gather or buy Essence to create silexes at 1 point each. (Kundra in the West Chamber of Artisans in Kaiator has a introductory quest at level 65 which gives you Azure, Crimson, and Earth Silex designs as well as Etching Powder Design). Bait is also useable for 2 points each but requires Fish Filet
  • At level 300 Fish bait III is available
  • At level 500 Test for Artisan.
  • Once Artisan, the Recipe Silver Siglo is available and if you can find them, each set you process gains 5 points to quickly level to 800. Another alternative is to gather or buy ore for ingots to make Puppy Figurine.
  • At level 800 test for Master.

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