A quest is a task given by a non-player character to the player, who will be rewarded for their effort with various rewards such as money or items. They form an important aspect during the leveling stage of TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea, as one of the main activities of it is completing quests.


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repeating quests

There are several type of quests in TERA:

  • Story Quests, "red quests". These are completed once. Next quest in chain only unlocks when previous is done.
  • At level 65 many new story quests now appear in purple instead of red to indicate the new important story line for continuing towards Exodor.
  • zone quest, "yellow quest" or side guests. Completed once. These may be turned off by default and must be turned on in options menu to show them in NPCs or on map.
  • Satellite Quest, introduced in level 70 patch. Color orange. After completing many new purple story quests you will find new satellite quests available. These work just like yellow quest, but cannot be hidden.
  • repeatable quests, indicated with yellow round arrow over quest-giver NPC, there are very few of these left since most were removed in favour of Vanguard Initiative Requests.
  • Daily quests, "green quests". Most are for faction reputation, but since Jan 2019 more are added to game. You may take several days to finish daily quest, but new one can only be accepted next day.
  • guild quests, that awarded Catharnach Awards, now removed with guild rework
  • new guild quests award guild with guild experience and gold
  • Vanguard Requests, in "H" menu. Most leveling Vanguard Initiative Requests were removed in March 2019