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Regeneration Circle
Skill information
Tooltip description
Regeneration CircleRegeneration Circle
Cast time 2.4sec
MP cost 500
Cooldown 20sec
Up to 5 allies within 16m of you heal X HP every 2sec for 10sec (modified by your heal bonus).
Level 18 and above
Class Priest
Source Magic Instructor
Target Allies and Self
Mana cost 500
Range 16m
Cast time 2.4sec
Cooldown 20sec

Regeneration Circle is an active skill that can be taught to Priests at level 18 and can be ranked up at later levels.

Regeneration Circle can be performed with a staff by the Priest to provide a heal over time effect to many players at the same time. This makes it very similar to being a giant version of Restorative Burst Restorative Burst, with a few key differences. First of all, this spell doesn't stay on the ground, so other players have to already be within range when this is being cast to get the HoT effect. Secondly, this heals for a lot less.

This skill is commonly comboed right Purifying Circle Purifying Circle, due to having the same cast radius and the same casting style.

Amount of HP healed varies dependent on skill rank.

Rank table Edit

To obtain and upgrade Regeneration Circle, one must find a Magic Instructor and pay a certain price of gold dependent on rank.

Rank Level Cost HP Healed per 2sec
I 18 10Silver 08Copper 88
II 24 31Silver 36Copper 111
III 30 75Silver 10Copper 136
IV 36 1Gold 82Silver 16Copper 161
V 42 4Gold 77Silver 78Copper 182
VI 48 10Gold 92Silver 47Copper 198
VII 54 23Gold 88Silver 83Copper 208
VIII 60 45Gold 96Silver 44Copper 214

Glyphs Edit

To glyph Regeneration Circle, a glyph must be obtained and learned only once. At level 60, a character has 50 glyph points available to spend on all available priest glyphs. Most glyphs, specifically common glyphs can be purchased from a Glyph Master, while fine glyphs must be looted from enemies.

(Disclaimer: As NPC shop prices vary depending on a variety of factors, the prices below are subject to variation. Only take them as benchmarks.)

Icon Name Skill Level Glyph Points Cost Description
Regeneration Circle Glyph Glyph of Lingering Regeneration Circle 20 5 49Silver 23Copper Increases effect duration by 30%.
Regeneration Circle Glyph Glyph of Energy Regeneration Circle 20 4 49Silver 23Copper Decreases cooldown by 20%.
Regeneration Circle Glyph Glyph of Influence Regeneration Circle 20 3 49Silver 23Copper Reduces MP cost for the next chain skill by 85: Focus Heal.

Gallery Edit

TERA Priest - Regnerationskreis

TERA Priest - Regnerationskreis

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