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Retaliate (Archer)
Skill information
Tooltip description
Retaliate (Archer)Retaliate
Cast time Instant
Cooldown 15sec
Base Damage X
Leap to your feet while attacking your target. You can use this skill only when knocked down.
Level 12 and above
Class Archer
Source Tactics Instructor
Cast time Instant
Cooldown 15sec

Retaliate (Archer) is an active skill that can be taught to Archers at level 12 and can be ranked up at later levels.

Retaliate (Archer) can be performed with a bow by the Archer to quickly stand back up after being knocked down and deal damage in the process. However, the cooldown is relatively long, so save it for when you really need it (ie. the opponent is really near).

Amount of damage dealt varies dependent on skill rank.

Rank table Edit

To obtain and upgrade Retaliate (Archer), one must find a Tactics Instructor or Archer Trainer and pay a certain price of gold dependent on rank.

Rank Level Cost Damage
I 12 45
II 18 66
III 24 96
IV 30 141
V 36 205
VI 42 4Gold 82Silver 38Copper 300
VII 48 437
VIII 54 638
IX 60 931

Glyphs Edit

To glyph Retaliate (Archer), a glyph must be obtained and learned only once. At level 60, a character has 50 glyph points available to spend on all available archer glyphs. Most glyphs, specifically common glyphs can be purchased from a Glyph Master, while fine glyphs must be looted from enemies.

(Disclaimer: As NPC shop prices vary depending on a variety of factors, the prices below are subject to variation. Only take them as benchmarks.)

Icon Name Skill Level Glyph Points Cost Description
Retaliate Glyph Glyph of Power Retaliate (Archer) 20 4 49Silver 23Copper Increases skill damage by 25%.
Retaliate Glyph Glyph of Energy Retaliate (Archer) 20 4 49Silver 23Copper Decreases cooldown by 20%.

Gallery Edit

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