Drawblade (T15 PVP Scythe)Advantage

Clyd Nugget x13

Vrage Nugget x15

Hijka Oil x600

Twelnoct Alloy x15

Recipe Recieved buy Juleor (1,000 KSc)

Destinys Edge (T15 SUP Scythe ) Keen Archtype Weapon (Reaper NF)

Shandras Quill x3

Mark of Bloodshed x5

Sploy Nugget x3

RiftSteel x10

Airborne Shell x14

Demokrons Plasma x120

Archblade Momento x10

Recieved by letter quest to muhrak from Rift Edge Normal Mode!
Bloodhoned Scythe (T14 Scythe) Bloodhoned Weapon

Purified Hearts Tear x6

Pure Xersteel Ingot x10

Sikka Rune x30

Aeru Rune x15

Artisan Weapon Kit x5

Recipe recieved From weaponsmith (20 gold)

Only the Flawless Bloodhoned can be enchanted.

Retooled into Pridehook (Patron weapon)

Pridehook (T14 Scythe) Patron Weapon

Bloodhoned Sythe x2

Unsteel Weapon Metal x4

Pure Xersteel Ingot x20

Hijka Oil x6

Artisan Weapon Kit x20

Recipe recieved from weaponsmith (1 gold)