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Serpentis Isle
Serpentis Isle Zone
Continent Southern Arun
Province Ostgarath

Serpentis Isle is a location mainly inhabited by loyal worshipers of Dagon, one of the many gods of TERA. During the War of the Gods, Dagon was locked up in the island, causing his worshipers to flee there. Currently, the northern area is occupied by Giants, and the southern area by the worshipers.


The gentle landscape and crystalline waters surrounding Serpentis Isle are relatively quiet, but once you set foot on the big island you’ll find nagas of all sorts and oversized crabs that will snap you in half. The nagas surround Dagon’s tomb. They have a mind to resurrect their creator-god, and they don’t want anyone to get in the way.



Level RangeEdit

  • Levels 48–49

Notable BAMsEdit

  • Malagash, Naga Warlord
  • Midirix, Master Clawrider
  • Siraxatol, Priestess of Dagon