This article is about Shara as a character, are you looking for the continent, Southern Shara, or Northern Shara?
Gender Female
Race Titan
Status Alive

Shara is a female titan who formed into a continent, Southern Shara and Northern Shara and shaped the realm of Arborea alongside of Arun.

Appearance Edit

Shara is a female titan wearing a huipil covering her neck and shoulders circling around her right above the chest. She has a piece of hair accessory keeping her top hair tied, and what appears to have a titanic accessory floating above her head, in an appearance of four orbs.

History Edit

Shara once belonged to a different realm devastated by war and endless strife. She chose to escape that unknown realm to create a new life alongside of Arun, a male titan who is her lover.

Once leaving their old realm filled with war and hatred, they have created a new realm. Shara flew up into the sky and illuminated it fully in white. She flew down and fell asleep alongside Arun. Together, they dreamed of a world of peace and beauty. Their tears created the sea, their breaths became the wind, their thoughts became creatures and plants, and their bodies became the continent. In addition, her heart became the Fountain of Shara, located in Blessing Basin, Essenia, Southern Shara. She formed into the Northern and Southern Shara continent which is named after her. Arun also formed into a continent, Southern Arun and Northern Arun. Ever since then, the realm of the two titans was named Arborea as they are in deep sleep.

Reception Edit

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Civilization is very grateful to the titans and praise them as higher beings that they thank upon. A known publication saying is "By the titans!", an expression of amazement and/or immense gratitude.

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