Smelting is a crafting skill in TERA that allows you to make use of the ores you have collected throughout your travels.

Smelting requires a variety of different items that be acquired by fishing, mining, processing and purchasing items from NPCs.

There are 32 different smelting recipes sorted into four categories for players to learn and craft. They are: Enchanting Materials, Ingots, Gathering Tools and Fish Crates.

Players are initially only able to learn and craft recipes that require a smelting skill of 300 or less, which limits a player to only seven recipes. When a player reaches a smelting skill of 500 they are able to take an Artisan Test which, once completed, will enable a player to learn and craft more advanced level recipes.

Revival Fruit is used to reset your skill base back to 500 if you decide to change it.

Smelting Recipes[]

Material Enchanting Materials Other Designs Gathering Tools Fish Crates
Craft Kit Golden Daric Cobala Ingot Speedy Gathering Tool I Fishing Crate I
Smelting Reagent Golden Plate Shadsteel Ingot Gathering tool Combiner I Fishing Crate II
Revival Fruit Xermetal Ingot Gathering tool Combiner II Fishing Crate III
Advanced Smelting Tome Norsteel Ingot Gathering tool Combiner III Fishing Crate IV
Galborne Ingot Gathering tool Combiner IV Fishing Crate V
Duranium Ore Gathering tool Combiner V Exodar Fishing Crate I
Flawless Duranium ore Minor Tool Rune Exodar Fishing Crate II
Glorious Duranium ore Major Tool Rune Exodar Fishing Crate III
Duranium Medallion Prime Tool Rune Exodar Fishing Crate IV
Refined Duranium Medallion Superior Tool Rune Exodar Fishing Crate V

Simplified Path to Raising Smelting[]

  • If you have the gold you can buy the Advanced Smelting Tome from the Dark Merchant in Highwatch or any Etching Materials vendors to become a Master.
  • At Character Level 1 Fishing becomes available to you. Start fishing early this will give you Fish Filet's. Once your Character level 65 you can use Recipes from the Angler Token Shop for Fish Crates. These will level you the fastest and sell to the Angler Token Vendor's for gold. FTP account can trade in x3 crates per day and Premium can trade in x5 per day.
  • Buy Recipes for ingots (there is an introduction quest in Velika Jefaln for Quest:Santia's Workshop that will give you thee Xermetal Ingot recipe. The rest you will need to purchase.) Buy ore from the Trade Broker or go gathering. Take along Craft Kits as you will need 15 of them per ingot made. This is slow but a steady path to raise your Smelting.
  • At level 500 you can test for Artisan.
  • At Artisan level you will need to buy Golden Daric recipe and since they are no longer needed in game buy Golden Talent from the trade broker and convert them using the recipe. Each one is 5 points, so making 800 will be quick.
  • At lv 800 test for Master.

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