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The Sorcerer: Skills Glyphs Weapons Armour

Sorcererminiicon.png Sorcerer
Role Offense
Combat range Long (18 meters)
Movement speed Normal (110%)
Weapon type Disc
Armor type Cloth
"Focused intellect and raw killing power."

The sorcerer is a cloth armored class which specializes in a disc with long ranged offensive damage-dealing capabilities.
Although what seems the weakest of all in terms of defense, the Sorcerer is full of great knowledge in magical spells varying from strong area attacks and devastating fireballs for a quick destruction.

Official description[]

"Sorcerers fight from range, shaping magic through an arcane disc, channeling the force of will into sheets of flame, icy blades, and spheres of pure energy. The sorcerer strikes and evades and strikes again, flanking the foe, leaping out of danger, playing a game of position. With only sorcerous robes for protection, staying clear of attacks is vital, and dealing massive damage in a spectacular fashion is all in a day's work for this explosive class.
Warriors of the intellect, sorcerers are at their best when they stand apart, watch for vulnerability, and then make their foes pay dearly for it. Sorcerers may not be as flexible as other classes, but when your close-quarters companions fall in battle it's awfully nice to have arcane artillery at your disposal.



Sorcerer in one of the oldest classes in TERA, one of the original two range DPS classes. The class was known for its very slow and hard-hitting "nuke" attacks. Original version of Meteor Strike was called Fireblast and its cast time was 12 seconds. Some skills locked player in place, with not possibility to move or dodge. This does not work well with TERA's highly dynamic playstyle. Sorcerer got skill called Burst of Celerity which speed up all casting by 20%. This made Fireblasts reasonable, but made some other skills, like dodges to look completely silly with such high speed. It should be also noted that some of sorcerer's skills are instant with zero cast time, and attack speed does not affect those at all.

Sorcerer rework happened in October 2016 patch called by EME: Spellbound patch, by GF: Portentous Rebirth. As part of rework sorcerer had major changes. Several skills were renamed. Burst of Celerity got added as passive skill and other skills adjusted to match animation speed. Sorcerer's skills in general no longer hit much harder than ie. berserker's or slayer's. Also during the rework mana management of sorcerer is greatly simplified. Sorcerer no longer needs to use special skills to keep their mana up.



The sorcerers lack of healing abilities combined with the poor defense provided by cloth armor leave them physically vulnerable class. As such, sorcerers are often played defensively, and striking when a suitable opportunity arises. The disc equipped by the sorcerer is used to channel powerful magical spells that take the form of fire, ice, lightning and mental energy to damage their opponents.

Skills and racial traits[]


A male amani sorcerer using Flaming Barrage.png Flaming Barrage.

Sorcerers are capable of casting powerful magic and utilizing elemental attacks that range from fire, ice, lightning and mind elements. This aspect is made more apparent with Sorcerer's Awakening and skills are now divided to three categories: fire, ice and arcane magic.

From fire resources, the sorcerer is best known for Meteor Strike.png Meteor Strike, a powerful hellfire flame that deals damage to foes in front of the sorcerer.

Other main damage skills are Void Pulse.png Void Pulse and Lightning Strike.png Lightning Strike. Both have 2× crit chance glyphs when attacking monsters. Lightning Strike also has reset glyph for possibility to reset skill after casting, which means it can be cast again. Lightning Strike falls under arcane magic and Void Pulse is fire attack.

Sorcerer doesn't directly have combo skills. However, there are two skills that buff other skills' crit factor after cast. The Arcane Pulse.png Arcane Pulse is an unique charged skill that charges up and is sent in a straight direction, dealing damage to anything standing in the way. It has side effect of boosting crit factor 2.5 times for for 5 seconds (2.5× of sorc's base 50 crit factor = +75 crit). Nova skill icon.png Nova has similar effect, +75 crit factor for 4 seconds. Main damage skills should be used while crit boost lasts.

Based on this we have basic sorcerer rotation:

  1. Meteor Strike.png Meteor Strike -> Nova skill icon.png Nova
  2. Arcane Pulse.png Arcane Pulse -> Void Pulse.png Void Pulse -> Lightning Strike.png Lightning Strike (while it resets)

Note: on later patches Meteor Strike is changed so that casting finishes far before meteor strikes. Therefore it's possible to reverse Meteor Strike and Nova, and Nova effect activates before meteor strikes. This makes better rotation.

These two chains don't take all the time Meteor Strike takes to be available again (around 9 seconds with single cdr roll). Pre-Apex sorcerer ends up using lots of low crit chance filler skills. The most common of these are Frost Sphere.png Frost Sphere and Flaming Barrage.png Flaming Barrage. Also Flame Pillar.png Flame Pillar and Painful Trap.png Painful Trap can be used when standing close to enemy.

Special aspects of some skill to be considered: while charging Arcane Pulse.png Arcane Pulse sorcerer can move freely if proper glyph it used. Use this to relocate while in combat and you don't lose any DPS. While casting Nova skill icon.png Nova sorcerer takes only half damage and has high resistance to stagger and knockdown. This skill can be used for "Nova Tanking" some damage to avoid using dodges.

Special skill from ice resources is the Hail Storm.png Hail Storm which freezes the ground and slows down enemies and damages them. This skill should always be cast when it's available, as it damages enemies over time.

Although weak when it comes to close combat, the sorcerer has multiple ways to counter that weakness with maybe second best dodge skills. Wrap Barrier makes sorcerer immune to damage for maximum of 2 seconds, Mana Barrier.png Mana Barrier will allow the sorcerer to endure damage in exchange for mana. In addition sorcerer can use Stone Skin.png Stone Skin to turn to stone statue and became immune to all damage. Finally, the Glacial Retreat.png Glacial Retreat, a chilly spell which will cause the caster to leap backwards, giving enough distance to continue a combo.

Finally, since rework sorcerer gets quite standard boost skill for extra damage: Mana Boost buffs damage for 20 seconds.

Apex changes[]

Sorcerer's superior glyph from apex quest gives Lightning Strike 50% reset chance for 3 glyph points.

New attack skills sorcerer gets with Apex are Ice Lances, Fusion and Implosion. New skills remove need for most low damage fillers.

Ice Lances launches some ice spikes from side of sorcerer that hit targets up to 15 meters. Skill has zero casting time so it's basically free damage. Hit from Arcane Pulse or Nova increases Ice Lances damage by 30%, so the skill should be cast after either of those. Probably after Arcane Pulse, if Arcane Pulse is always used when its available, since skills have similar cooldown times.
Sorcerer discord advised usage for this skill is: "it has no animation so just smash it non stop like the good ape you are. 50 HPM or go home".

Fusion is actually combination of three different skills. Activating skill requires filling fusion meter with two different elements from Flame, Frost and Arcane. After two elements are used, one of the skills activates. Possible attacks are: Prime Flame (flame + frost), Arcane Storm (arcane + flame), or Iceberg (frost + arcane). Casting skill uses no mana and it hits harder and faster than Meteor Strike. Note: damage is reduced 20 % if two same attacks are used in row. For optimal damage you have to rotate your Fusions. Fusion has similar resistance to stagger and knockdown like Nova.

Implosion is new sorcerer "ultimate" skill with 4 minute cooldown. It's becomes active only during Mana Boost and after using all three elements (it still stays active for a while after Mana Boost ends). Using this skill raises sorcerer in air and they became invulnerable during cast. This skill has very long animation, but it can be cancelled with Backstep or Teleport Jaunt and skill still hits at the end of animation. During attack targets in area are pulled together and players get multiple staggers.


Racial traits[]

Being able to pick between one of the seven races proves to be a tough choice. Each race has their own unique racial traits that can effectively improve the gameplay of the sorcerer, depending on race choice:

Generally Elin is said to have fastest animations on skills. However Castanic race passive is especially important for sorcerer.

Gearing and Attributes[]

For gear with enigmatic rolls you can pick, recommended weapon rolls are Damage vs. enraged monster; Damage vs. enraged monsters; +6.9% damage from behind and Flat 6% damage, and cooldown reduction. With low gear that has only 4 enigmatic lines pick cooldown reduction as first roll. It's also possible to run double cooldown reduction. Recommended chest line is increased damage of Meteor Strike. (Crystals, rollable weapon lines incl. double cooldown and chest line are not available on level 68/69 Exodor gear or any gear released after that.)

With new Exodor gear sorcerer uses gear with magic amplification: Manaforce Azart or Dark Light gear and Kaia's Wisdom set.

Recommended build for PVE is the usual crit+crit power. Sorcerer main skills have rather low crit chance. However, sorcerer gets 75 crit bonus during most of the skill rotation. By some guides sorcerer should aim to have total crit rate of around 50+280. This can be achieved using crit rings, earrings, necklace and underwear. Part of this can be substituted with crit foods or Mystic aura.

After Exodor patch sorcerer discord recommends about crit: "If you just want one single setup for both healers aim for ~273 written in your profile without any buffs or consumables. Around 368 total is good value which ignores most RNG and temporary aspects."
This means recommended setup is 273 crit + high level priest with 36% buff + 20 crit food. Or 230 + mystic + 20 crit food for endgame content in early 2020. This may have changed with new dungeons higher and higher level bosses. Check discord for latest info.

With patch 93 new passives several sorcerer skills scale with maximum MP character has. Mana is quite hard stat to acquire. One 150 MP roll in gear seems to increase Meteor Strike damage by about 0.5 %. Amarun's Relic is recommended.

For current (summer 2021) endgame superior tier V Ishara's Halidom and Amarun's Relic V with currently available Kaia's Wisdom accessories gives over 300 crit even with full power set of Warlord's rings, earrings and necklace. Enough crit should be achieveable with healer buffs, Lamb Bulgogi or Multi-Nostrum.

Glyphs and crystals[]


Sorcerer uses standard ranged Weapon Crystals: Spiteful, Savage, Focused and Pounding. If crit rate is low, Pounding can be switched to Carving. Choosing between a Pounding and Forceful niveot is left to user preference as there is little damage difference between the niveots.

For dyad niveots, it is recommended to have poisedly secondary roll or relentless secondary roll. Having four poisedly secondary rolls will yield an 8.8 percent damage reduction against enraged monsters

Defensive crystals are the standard hardy niveots. For dyad secondary rolls, it is recommended to use Glistering rolls as the secondary roll for MP replenishment. As a sorcerer, mana is a major issue and Glistering replenishs some MP when the player crits from behind which helps alleviate the mana issue.


Specializing in glyphs like all classes means a great deal to customization. Notable glyphs are:

  • Meteor Strike.png Meteor Strike: Carving Meteor Strike: Doubles the chance to crit when attacking monsters
  • Meteor Strike.png Meteor Strike: Energetic Meteor Strike: Decreases cooldown by 20%
  • Meteor Strike.png Meteor Strike: Hastened Meteor Strike: Speeds casting by 25%
  • Arcane Pulse.png Arcane Pulse: Empowered Arcane Pulse: Increases skill damage by 25%
  • Arcane Pulse.png Arcane Pulse: Slick Arcane Pulse: Can move while charging
  • Arcane Pulse.png Arcane Pulse: Keen Arcane Pulse: Increases crit factor by 2.5 times for 5 seconds
  • Void Pulse.png Void Pulse: Carving Void Pulse: Doubles the chance to crit when attacking monsters
  • Void Pulse.png Void Pulse: Energetic Void Pulse: Decreases cooldown by 20%
  • Lightning Strike.png Lightning Strike: Carving Lightning Strike: Doubles the chance to crit when attacking monsters
  • Lightning Strike.png Lightning Strike: Persistent Lightning Strike: 50% chance to eliminate cooldown (Apex glyph)
  • Nova skill icon.png Nova: Energetic Nova: Decreases cooldown by 20%
  • Nova skill icon.png Nova: Hastened Nova: Speeds casting by 30%
  • Nova skill icon.png Nova: Keen Nova: Increases crit factor by 2.5 times for 4 seconds

These are your main damage skills in PVE.

  • Mana Boost: Energetic Mana Boost: Decreases cooldown by 20%
  • Mana Boost: Lingering Mana Boost: Increases effect duration by 20%

Improving your boost skill.

  • Hail Storm.png Hail Storm: Energetic Hail Storm: Decreases cooldown by 20%
  • Flaming Barrage.png Flaming Barrage: Hastened Flaming Barrage: Speeds casting by 40%

These are for last bits of DPS in PVE.

  • Warp Barrier: Energetic Warp Barrier: Decreases cooldown by 20%
  • Warp Barrier: Lingering Warp Barrier: Increases effect duration by 100%
  • Teleport Jaunt.png Teleport Jaunt (Sorcerer): Energetic Teleport Jaunt: Decreases cooldown by 15%
  • Mana Barrier.png Mana Barrier: Energetic Mana Barrier: Decreases cooldown by 20%
  • Mana Barrier.png Mana Barrier: Warding Mana Barrier: Increases damage absorption by 30%

You dodge and defensive skills.

  • Time Gyre.png Time Gyre: Energetic Time Gyre: Decreases cooldown by 15%
  • Time Gyre.png Time Gyre: Blazing Time Gyre: Speeds casting Meteor Strike by 25% for a few seconds
  • Time Gyre.png Time Gyre: Multiplicative Time Gyre: Increases number of lock-on targets by 2.
  • Mindblast.png Mindblast: Hastened Mindblast: Speeds casting by 30%
  • Burning Breath.png Burning Breath: Hindering Burning Breath: Decreases the effect of healing skills on foes by 30% for 10 seconds
  • Glacial Retreat.png Glacial Retreat: Lingering Glacial Retreat: Increases effect duration by 40%

These skills are mainly used in PVP.

  • Flame Pillar.png Flame Pillar: Empowered Flame Pillar: Increases skill damage by 25%
  • Flame Pillar.png Flame Pillar: Energetic Flame Pillar: Decreases cooldown by 20%

Flame Pillar is used in PVP as it staggers enemies. Also it can be used to fight large number of mobs since it hits every target with equal force.

  • Frost Sphere.png Frost Sphere: Energetic Frost Sphere: Decreases cooldown by 30%
  • Frost Sphere.png Frost Sphere: Lingering Frost Sphere: Increases effect duration by 50%
  • Frost Sphere.png Frost Sphere: Slowing Frost Sphere: Decreases opponent's Movement Speed by an additional 20%
  • Frost Sphere.png Frost Sphere: Blazing Frost Sphere: Speeds casting Mindblast by 40% for a few seconds

This is mainly for PVP to slow down enemies and speed up Mindblast. Although Frost Sphere is used in PVE to give Ice effect to Apex Fusion skills and cooldown reduction might be needed.

Enhancement Points[]

Strengthen Offense:

  • Mighty Attack, max this first
  • Mana Boost Amplification, high priority

Don't use points to give skills "Burning Wound" debuff or buff Burning Breath. These are useless.

EP Damage is useless.

Speed Increase:

  • Nova Velocity

Hail Storm Combat Dash is not needed. Maximum buff is now included within Hail Storm.

  • Retaliate Speed Skating: Traps, might useful in PVP.

Resource Recovery:

  • Lightning Strike: Propulsion, decreases max 1 sec from Nova cooldown per every hit that crits
  • Void Pulse: Reload, high priority, gives max 15% reset chance
  • Hail Storm: Reload,
  • Mana Barrier Recycle, might be useful
  • Retaliate Turning Tables, useful in PVP


  • Mighty Defense, max this
  • Mighty Phoenix, spend 1 point here
  • Mana Barrier: Amplification, might be useful
  • Lightning Trap: Constancy, must in PVP
  • Frostbite effect for various skill might be useful in PVP
  • Lethal Lesson, might be useful in PVP, less nowadays

Skill Advancementment[]

Hail Storm: Cold Wave is very useful when soloing. Other unlocks have seen use in PVP.

Glacial Explosion seems good for PVP. Its damage is similar to Meteor Strike, only with lower crit chance, which does not matter in PVP. Do not use Glacial Explosion in PVE. It has few % lower base damage than Cold Wave. Also getting constant frost effect for Fusion skill is nice. Frostbite is hardly useful. No one is so stupid they would stand in puddle of ice to get maximum stack.

Mana Boost: Mysterious is only reasonable choice for any purpose.

Example Keybindings[]

1 Void Pulse
2 Lightning Strike
3 Glacial Retreat
4 Arcane Pulse
5 Flaming Barrage
6 Burning Breath (or unbind)
Left Fireball
Right Warp Barrier iframe
C Backstep iframe
X Hail Storm
Z Painblast (or unbind)
Q Frost Sphere
E Teleport Jaunt
R Mana Barrier
F1 Meteor Strike
F2 Fusion
F3 Mana Boost (earlier Burst of Celerity)
F4 Nova
F5 Lightning Trap
F6 Painful Trap
F7 brooch
F8 Mindblast (PVP)
F9 pet skill
F10 Dark Root Beer
F11 heal pot
F12 mana pot
` Flame Pillar
Tab Ice Lances
Caps Lock Implosion
Mouse mid Arcane Pulse
Mouse 4 Time Gyre (PVP)
Mouse 5 Nerve Exhaustion (PVP)
Shift+F12 Stone Skin
9 mount1
0 mount2
- pet1
= pet2



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