Stigmas are new equipment items that only exists in console versions of TERA. This new system was added in patch 92.01 in summer 2021.[1]

Stigma system is bit similar like race target system in PC version. Some dungeon bosses and some open world bosses have a weakness corresponding to certain stigma (it's marked on boss' HP bar).

There are 4 species of Stigma: Kephale, Soma, Brachium, and Skelos. There are 4 slots to equip a Stigma, so you will want to collect and equip one of each type and enchant them for damage bonus. Console patch 95 added new stigmas and slots called: Ops, Kardia, and Gaster. These only appear in the last boss of the dungeons over item level 460.[2]

Stigmas enchant up to +5 and follow item rarity grades: common, uncommon, rare and superior. Basic "detect weakness" effect is +1% damage, up to +15% for +5 superior for boss having this stigma.

Uncommon or higher also have random stats. All type of Stigma also have ATK, DEF and SOUL options.

  • ATK Stigmas have stats like power, increased damage vs. monster.
  • DEF Stigmas have defensive stats.
  • SOUL Stigmas have crit factor, crit power, cooldowns among others.

Randoms rolls that Stigma can get depend on this ATK/DEF/SOUL type. Higher rarity Stigmas add more stat lines. Random options also depend on Stigma rarity.

Enchanting and Upgrading[]

Stigmas dismantle into Stigma Shards, which is opens a token shop. You can buy feedstock to enchant a Stigma, or reroll its stats.

To upgrade a +5 Stigma to higher rarity, you need same rarity Stigma with +5 enchantment.