Velik's Dream Cutscene

The Nightmare Begins is level 65–68 story quest chain. This story only exists in PC version of TERA.

This quest chain continues the story after Velika Banquet. After banquet several citizens of Velika suffer headaches and nightmares. Goddess Velik has fallen into deep sleep.

Note: quests on this story were originally 65–69. On Exodor patch level requirements were dropped and last story quest is level 67. Exodor questline starts on level 68.

Note: daily quests related to this story and factions were removed in second April 2020 patch. This is after XP reward was added to dungeons and other Vanguard missions.

[Lvl65] Velik's Dream[]

Follow the quest line from Velika to find Mystel in Blessing Basin. You need to kill few monsters and solve the puzzle inside Velik's Dream.

[Lvl65] Ill Deeds by Twilight[]

This quest takes you west from Tria to chase Red Raiders who may be culprit to the situation.

Finishing second quest of questline opened new daily quests. Click Expand you if you want to see removed content.

There are two new factions that give daily quest: Anti-Amber Operations and Exodor Investigation, although these pseudo-factions have no own credits or merchants nor reputation.

Exodor Investigations:

Anti-Amber Operations:

[Lvl66] The Crash[]

Tria evacuation

evacuation of Tria

Quest starts with evacuation of Tria. Chase the ships to Essenian Crest and Stronghold of Blood.

This quest opened new daily quests from faction Valkyon Health Service. (now removed)

  • Quest:Contaminated Monster - Haron: Defeat 5+5 contaminated Warthogs / Vulcans / Fangspawns
  • Quest:Recovering Essenia - Zeuk: Deliver 60 Veridia Root / 20 Xermetal Ore / 40 Harmony Grass to Zeihenne
  • Quest:Something at Sometime - Zeihenne: Search monster traces on border between Essenian Crest and Timeless Woods
  • Quest:The Plan - Kierhan: Defeat the red Murderwings / blue Mournwings

[Lvl66] Devastated Villagers[]

Isolation Camp

Isolation Camp in Sienna Canyon

Quest starts in Allemantheia and continues in Sienna Canyon and in Bastion.

This quest also opened new daily quests.

  • Quest:Stolen Cure - Gilledon: Search Goblin sacks for stolen stuff
  • Quest:The Camp Hero - Elysee: Defeat 30 Hyenas / 15 Arbosk Enchanters / Gather Luria plants
  • Quest:Ameldas's Interest - Ameldas: Defeat Desert Basilisks / Sentinel Officers / Arbosk Enchanters
  • Quest:Delivering in Time - Gilledon: Defeat Carnage Fiends / Basilisks / Mournwing+Murderwings

[Lvl67] The Secret Weapon[]

Exodor is spotted in Spring Valley! Find Titus and get him to return to duty.

Exodor in Spring Valley

Exodor in Spring Valley

  • Quest:Magic Lunch Box - find 3 sellers for Magic Lunch Boxes
  • Quest:Pitapat Flower - collect Pitipat Flowers
  • Quest:Setback of the Deal - defeat the Ironthorn Orcans
  • Quest:There's a Treasure! - search Orcan's Loot Piles

[Lvl67] Bringing Down Exodor[]

It's time to take down the Skycastle.

  • Quest:Fish Dish in a Mountain - Fish 3 fish / deliver 3 fish fillets
  • Quest:Gathering Samples - Defeat Ruins Hyenas / Arbosk Enchanters / Desert Basilisks
  • Quest:The Dragonslayer - Defeat Trihorn Dracoloths / Darkflame Dracoloths
  • Quest:Verdas's Research Device - Operate Essence Collectors + defeat monsters that spawn


Factions related to daily quests have few achievements: Busiest Officer, The Last Solution and Born to Rescue (Special -> Reputation) and Legendary (Special -> Prestige) for completing 150 quests for each faction (awards orange title Nosy).

For anyone who didn't play during spring 2019 when these quests were added, this is true completionist achievement, since it takes weeks of dailies to finish 150 quests on all factions.