Continent Northern Shara

Sylvanoth is one of the provinces of the Northern Shara continent.


Sylvanoth is the southernmost province in Northern Shara. The argons once used this province as an access point to penetrate Southern Shara via Essenia. Its broad southern border hugs the Great Rift created when the benevolent god Balder sacrificed himself to save the world from the gods’ unstable divine relics.

The province is home to the fey, the mekonari, the sikandari, and the sleeping god Sikander. The sikandari, guardians of the egg their god rests within, have dutifully stood watch over Sikander, waiting patiently for him to emerge in his own time. Conversely, the mekonari split off from the children of Sikander long ago, abandoning their post at Sikander’s side.[1]

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