This page documents the policies and guidelines that are currently in use on the TERA Wiki, such policies and guidelines must be followed accordingly to ensure cooperation between the editors of the TERA Wiki, as opposed to the Manual of Style, which is an advisory for the layout of articles.

Articles Policy[]

Unwanted content[]

  • Unreleased content is strictly forbidden on the TERA Wiki due to it being forbidden by copyright means. Anything that has not come out of the office of Bluehole Studio, En Masse Entertainment, Frogster Interactive Pictures AG, Hangame or Hangame-JP will not be allowed. This does not mean content that has not been released yet in United States or Europe, but content that is leaked through the offices.
  • Rumors and speculations are considered a hoax or a lie, as it is not a valid fact. The TERA Wiki is an encyclopedia about facts, not rumors, fan-fiction or speculations. Any content that raises an eyebrow and does not bring ease of belief is subject of a reference given. Otherwise, it will be the subject of deletion in order not to confuse readers and editors alike.

Media Policy[]


Naming, format and quality[]

  • Descriptive image titles are recommended. This allows ease of search and benefits content browsing alike. Acceptable examples would be "File: Arrow.png", using titles such as "File: Skilliconno1arrow6px.png" or "File:SnapshotCHH18S9.png" are not descriptive and will be subject to be renamed.
  • Underscores can be confusing when redirecting pages and are unnecessary. Please use spaces between file names. Acceptable examples would be "File: Berserker Castanic 91.png", not "File: Berserker_Castanic_91.png".
  • File type format subjects:
    • .PNG is the most preferred file type on the TERA Wiki for general pictures due to its lossless data and transparency .
    • .JPEG are allowed.
    • .GIF is unrecommended due to its poor quality when attempting animation. Refrain from using .gif or animations unless really necessary.
  • Quality is an important factor of images on the TERA Wiki. If an image is more descriptive than another and brings better quality of an existing image, it should be immediately replaced. Assuming you find a picture that can be more descrptive than another you found on the TERA Wiki, it would be a good candidate for replacement.


  • Give an image a meaning when you upload it. It has to have a meaning on an article, userpage, talkpage or comments section and is subject to deletion if not. The TERA Wiki is not an external image uploading website and uses all images for the editing of a free encyclopedia.
  • Avoid linking images to the TERA Wiki from different resources as it availability could be unreliable, it is essentially bandwidth stealing and is not copyrighted under the TERA Wiki.


  • Be short and quick to the point if you're making videos about a specific section. If you're making a video for a skill, show the viewer the details of the skill and demonstrate it as informative as possible. If you're making a video of a zone, show only the most beautiful scenes.
  • Be informative if you're uploading a video that you've created for the TERA Wiki. Not any video is subject of being placed here as it does not bring the wanted information that the article is referring to. As such, if you're making a video about a dungeon, explain tactics, explain locations and explain related quests. A non-informative video has no place here and will be viewed no other than an attempt to gain fame by most people. Assume good faith and gain the fame of being informative.

Licensing Policy[]

  • Every image that is uploaded to the TERA Wiki, regardless of it being related to TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea or not is subject of license copyright and will be subject to deletion if not.
    • Screenshots must use the template {{Licensing-Screenshot}}. These images include screenshots that are taken from the game, including cropped out pictures or even edited out pictures (Removing background or terrain to improve the quality of an article).
    • Extracted images from the game files must use the template {{Licensing-Extract}} . These are images that are included inside the game files through specific means in order to bring out full resolution of an image, such as a skill icon or a loading screen.
    • Copyrighted images otherwise the grasps of the realm of Arborea which are copyrighted such as a picture of Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or Peter Parker from Spiderman must use {{Licensing-Fairuse}}.

Userpages Policy[]

Nutshell version:

  • Infoboxes: YES, but please keep your matureness intact while you're doing it.
  • Sandboxes: YES.
  • Taking snapshots of articles to continue in your userpage: YES.
  • Vandalizing your page: YES, only in a minor funny manner.
  • Editing other's userpages: NO, unless you obviously have to.
  • Placing harassing comments towards a single user or group of users: NO.
  • Threatening users via your page: NO.