The to-do list is a page that any editor can visit and find something to do. This is the page where all of the TERA Wiki editors can create, claim, and find tasks to do that will help the TERA Wiki.

If you're adding tasks, make sure they're relevant. Avoid creating tasks such as, 'Need to make page about potatoes'.

Please note that a lot of editors come by here and it is likely that conflicts will occur. Avoid conflicts by discussing things on the discussion page here. Simply state that you'll be doing such work. Maybe somebody would like to work together with you to complete a task faster, or you could join in on another editors' task.

Things To Do[]


  • Quests Project: A lot of quests do not have a fleshed-out page. Please fill them out with information regarding the giver of the quest, the objectives (make sure it is word-for-word!), the quest dialogue, etc. (For an example of the desired template, see Quest:For the Children.
  • Drops Project: Drops lists need to be put onto all relevant item and mob pages. Which mobs drop the item? What items does each mob drop? (For an example of the desired template for the list on item pages, see Silent & Deadly. For an example of the desired template for the list on mob pages, see Elder Ghilliedhu.)
  • Skills Project
  • Costumes: Update every cosmetic (body, weapon, accessories etc) available. Dropdown menu currently has "face" and "footsteps" sections missing.

Open Tasks[]

  • Gathering: We need a page for each gathering node and each material that is gathered.
  • Fishing: We need more information on fishing. Each fishing rod, fish and bait needs its own page.
  • Crafting: All items related to crafting need pages of their own. These pages need to be reviewed and fixed if needed: Alchemy, Smelting, Processing, Etching and Cooking.
  • PvP: We have almost zero information on PVP in TERA on that page. We also need information on PVP-focused areas, such as Fraywind Canyon, Champions' Skyring, and the Battleground.
  • Achievements: We need a page for each and every achievement.
  • Lore: There is precious little information on the lore of TERA on this wiki. The main page needs cleaning up, the information needs to be distributed to their respective location pages, and even more information on lore can be drawn from the story quests.
  • Classes: Due to the addition of a new class, and previously incomplete information on other classes.