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"Long war, but we'll win!" --An amani on the state of this article.vec (46)
This is an incomplete page. This page is past the basics and no longer a stub, but is lacking input of information to be considered complete. Is it very likely that there is a talk page specifying what's lacking and how you can help expanding it.
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This template flags an article as incomplete, a page that requires much more work to be considered complete. Some pages contain a lot of content that might be in fact impossible for for one person at their given time to fill content of a list quickly.
A good example would be, a full list of Tier 2 twin swords. It's typically set to be used in lists. Relevantly anything that is long and needs a vast majority of information input, deserves this template.
As this template is category-less in terms of subjectivity (skills, items), it is advised not to overuse this template unless it requires a big attention to complete a page quickly.
Type {{incomplete}} at the very top of an article.
  • Do use this in articles that are set to be long, constructive, high quality and require a lot of work by not just one editor, but more.
Don't dos
  • Do not use this template in articles that just started and are not truly required a great majority of editors to complete the list. Ask yourself how many editors would require to finish this article. If it's more than 10, use this template. If it's less, use Stub or their respective ones (Skill, achievement, item, location, NPC.
  • Do not use this template in a field that is not filled (Sell value of an item, rewards of a quest, etc.) use Unknown information in such field for that instead.
  • Do not use such template in your User Page or other irrelevant pages! Like all categorizing templates, such templates are very important and are constantly checked by old and new editors to be fixed. If you find a page that does not deserve this template, remove the template off the page at once.
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