Basic underwear design high elf female

basic underwear design

Underwear is a type of equipment, worn by all classes. Underwear goes to "innerwear" slot in character profile.


Underwear is given when finishing story quest Phantom Menace. Underwear coupon is also given upon reaching level 65. As of post-Exodor patches level 65 gearing quest seems to give a 20 crit underwear.

Underwear is especially powerful when worn by low level character. It gives around 3000 HP more which is significant if character has around 10 000 HP. Underwear can be bought from Trade Broker very cheaply if player doesn't want to finish the quest.

More underwear can be got by collecting Goldfinger Tokens. 80 tokes gives a Laundry Basket (former EME name: Undergarment Bag) that contains a random innerwear. Power and crit factor underwear was most sought after and most expensive. Healers can also pick HP or Endurance underwear. (Well, underwear with crit factor is now mostly useless).

relevant old-style underwear
Elegant Satin/Linen 6 power / 12 crit / 3 endurance / 5.4% HP / 108 MP per 5 sec
Noble Light/Dark Satin 16 crit / 8 power / 6 endu / 7.2% HP / 144 MP
Splendid Light/Dark Velvet 20 crit / 10 power / 9 endu / 9% HP / 180 MP
Quality Active 24 crit / 12 power / 12 endu / 10% HP / 198 MP
Catcat Meowear 14 power / 28 crit / 11% HP / 14 endurance / 210 MP per 5 sec

All old style underwear uses following naming (with Gameforge) for the effects they can have:

  • Sporty = crit factor
  • Fresh = power
  • Comfy = HP
  • Warm = endurance
  • Glowing = mana restoration

So underwear with 12 endurance is called "Quality Warm Active Underwear".

There are some versions that only have visual difference. Some have Light and Dark versions. Catmorph is same as Catcat Meowear and for 6/8 power underwear only grey potato sack versions drop. Previously, cash shop sold fancy panties/bra for women and gladiator range for men. Stats-wise, the gray token underwear and the cash shop versions were identical.

Exodor and later changes[]

With Exodor gear new underwear was released. Exodor and lower grade Riveran underwear has new style physical/magic amplification and resistance values. There was also physical/magic crit power versions, that prolly got removed from drop tables at some point.

There seems to be a pay-2-win mechanism here, you could only get crit power version by buying an item in Tikat Shop. Unknown if now most-sought-after crit power versions are now available anywhere by playing the game.

Also there is new mechanism to dismantle underwear using Seam Ripper into Exodor Linen (3× underwear + Seam Ripper -> 2× Exodor Linen). Collect 24 Exodor Linen for a guaranteed Exodor underwear (no crit power versions, thou').

Darkcore Underwear exists by late 2020. Fleece underwear was added in patch v106 in summer 2021.

With August 2021 patch 108 acquiring underwear was totally changed. With September Ghillieglade changes access is limited to 1 run per account and Ghillie no longer drops Goldfinger Tokens. Small amounts still drop in Pit of Petrax.

post-Exodor underwear
Riveran Underwear 4400 phys/magic amp / 0.096 phys/magic crit power / 2200 phys/magic resistance
Exodor Underwear 5500 amp / 0.12 crit power / 2750 res
Darkcore Underwear 6500 amp / 1300 piercing / 2600 ignore / 0.14 crit power / 3250 res
Fleece Underwear 7500 amp / 1500 piercing / 3000 ignore / 0.16 crit power / 3750 res

Underwear now drops (rarely) in dungeons. Lowest dungeon Abscess seems to drop grey underwear. It seems ilevel 501 (Velik's Hold) can drop Catcat Meowear (14 power *if* you get power version). Also Riveran and Exodor underwear has been seen as dungeon loot. (This is totally undocumented in patch notes...) Underwear from dungeons *cannot* be dismantled for materials. There is no indication which items you can dismantle, but basicly only underwear from Goldfinger Tokens is dismantle-able. You can also sell dungeon drops in trade broker.


Basic underwear design is grey "Potato Sack". Newer sets have much sexier look. However underwear is hidden under armor and costumes. There exist Self-Confident / False Modesty Potions (Gameforge: Potion of Unveiling) which makes underwear visible. There are also some joke potions that when thrown at character show them on their underwear.

There also exists Invisible Armor costume, that permanently shows underwear when worn.



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