Hello! My name is unknown, I am currently part of the TERA Wiki community!

Veteran of several Wikis (incl. former Wikipedia admin).

R.I.P. /terag/ 2011–2019.

How to edit a WikiEdit

  • always use source code edit (My Preferences->Editing->Preferred editor)
    • you can copy-paste code and quickly create pages, like editing monster name, type or location in table.
  • (exception are tables, since MediaWiki (Wiki software) table code is horrible

MediaWiki table syntax:

All Special Pages are here:

FANDOM has unfortunately hidden 2 very useful functions: Special:RecentChanges (I have link to this on my desktop, so you might see me "online" on this wiki quite often).

and Special:WhatLinksHere/ You have to paste page name at end of this code to see what pages link to a page. Website hasn't got this function anywhere(?).

Example how to effectively use Wiki: go to Wanted Categories, see there are dozens of Level XX mobs Cats that are not categozed. Open each page in tab in browser, paste wiki code [[Category:Mobs by level]] on page and save.

If you want to find a NPC, monster or quest data go to excellent website: (btw there's also with 2015 content useful for checking some old quests).

most popular pages in Wiki

Wiki will not be 100% completeEdit

There is no point trying to document every mob in game, or every quest or every item. Any game that is not dead changes faster than any person can do it. Focus on most important features.

What I'm doing:

  • page for every multiplayer dungeon in game. Some are quite short and basic, but least they're mentioned and can be expanded.
  • Story Quests. Try to keep these up to date.
  • Some tricky quests. I hope someone finds Ciebel, Rida or Altar of Vadoma based on information in Wiki.
  • document all BAMs, add named monsters and World Bosses. These are quite limited categories that can be completed.
  • Keep up with game updates. Most important features are in TERA timeline. So, I've added some info on Adventure Coins, Azart Hatchery, Mystery Merchants or Card Collection lately.
  • class articles, with info on skills and some useful combos. Many guides are now in class Discords and are impossible to find with Google. Unfortunately I don't have level 65 ninja or apex valkyrie.

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