Val Aureum
Val Aureum Province
Continent Southern Arun

Val Aureum is one of the provinces of the Southern Arun continent.

South of the capital city of Velika, the fertile fields of the Freeholds give way to the burning sands and sun-bleached ruins of Val Aureum. Treasure hunters sift for ancient wonders. Outlaws of all kinds hide in the stony canyons. Huge monsters patrol the sands, and ancient evils sleep beneath it. Rumors whisper that Lok’s cult has enclaves somewhere among the ruins of the ancient giants.

Val Aureum devours the unwary. When Samael sends you here, be very careful whom you trust.


Long ago, Val Aureum was the center of the giants’ empire. With the help of their creator-god, Tithus is the God of Giants and one of the Original Twelve. Tithus created the giants (including the scholar caste that became the barakas). Tithus acted as a peace-maker, but failed in his efforts. Thulsa led a group of rebellious gods into battle against Tithus, and killed the God. Tithus' death exacerbated the Divine War., the giants very nearly conquered the whole world through magic and might—until the gods stepped in and all but wiped out their race. Where once a massive city stood beside a bridge that linked Southern Arun to Southern Shara, now crumbled remains litter the landscape, bleaching in the desert sun.

Val Aureum is where you’ll settle matters with the Scions of Lok, but it’s also a great BAM playground with a wealth of side stories to explore. The northern part of the province will take you through level 30 as you tackle the Tenebrous Mines and Basilisk Crag, and then take on the Freeholds. The southern areas take you from the mid-30s to around level 40 as you fight through the Colossal Ruins and Aurum Road to the final battles in the Dark Cathedral.[1]


This was the ancient stronghold of the giants, whose empire once spanned two continents, before the gods stopped them from conquering the entire world. Remnants of the once-mighty conquerors can still be found in the northwest regions of Val Aureum, living in thrall to Lokians, whose presence in the Colossal Ruins has grown both stronger and bolder in recent times.

The region is home to native kulkari tribes, while golems—remnants of giant technology from centuries past—roam the dunes in hunting packs. The desert town of Tulufan clings to water and life by a thread, while the more prosperous Chebika thrives on the border of the Freeholds, a former agricultural center that is fast becoming another Lokian stronghold.[2]

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Notable BAMsEdit

  • [[{{{name}}}|{{{name}}}]] (Basilisk) — Basilisk Crag
  • [[{{{name}}}|{{{name}}}]] (Arachnen) — Aurum Road


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Harvestable Resources:Edit

  • Basilisk Crag
    • Opal Essense
    • Normetal ore
    • Acromic essense
  • Colossal Ruins
    • Opal Essense
    • Acromic Essense
    • Earth essense
    • Plain Stone
    • Normetal Ore