Val Palrada
Val Palrada
Continent Southern Shara

Val Palrada is one of the provinces of the Southern Shara continent.


Nestled between two wild regions, Frontera is the heart of Val Palrada. Settlers and farmers came to Val Palrada seeking to tame the fecund land, but found themselves caught between warring tribes of orcans, the dark catacombs of Arachnaea, and the ancient Temple of Dagon, where nagas struggle to find some means of restoring

Dagon is one of the deities in TERA. Dagon is responsible for the creation of the Naga. Dagon was slain at some point during or after the Divine War and his body lies within Dagon's Tomb on Serpentis Isle

Dagon's followers are predominantly among the Naga and are found mostly within the Temple of Dagon, where they hope to resurrect their god with the aid of the Mekonari. They have also taken up residence on Serpentis Isle where Dagon's Tomb is located. to the world.

Worse yet are the forces of the Selvaras Legion, made up of deva mercenaries, and the strange outbreak that’s driven countless villagers mad and twisted the nearby constructs. Still, if someone can drive off the mutated creatures and Selvaras interlopers, then Val Palrada’s teeming hills and valleys might be the cornucopia that Southern Shara needs.[1]

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