Warriors of the Coalition

The Valkion Federation is a coalition between all races in TERA, created to prevent destruction caused by deities and to keep foreign races out. Its members are the civilized races in Arborea.

Chronicles of the Argon War tells how Valkyon Federation was created after the invasion of Argons, while Kaiator was under siege, with Velik supporting the creation of an army to counter this alien force. Eventually general Catharnach led the creation of the federation. To this day, this national alliance prevents foreign races from attacking the civilized races in Arborea.


Many years ago, the Gods, Arun and Shara's children, warred against each other. The mortal races who these deities had created suffered from a world in continual conflict and divine interference. Many of the gods took pity on the mortal races that their first patrons had cared for, and protected them. An example of this is when Kaia took care of the Amani after the death of Amarun. Elinu was the first god to perish in the conflict, and the war ended with the death of many gods or their imprisonment.

After the end of the Divine War, when Pora Elinu was revealed to the outside world, The Popori Kingdom quickly allied with Humans. A human-popori alliance was the precursor to the Valkyon Federation.[1] It's mentioned in game lore that human-popori alliance warred against elves in Essenia, which ended in defeat of elven army, a major shock to elves, who considered themself to be master race.

Argon War[]

Attack on Arborea[]

When the emergence of a mysterious race known as the Argons happened, a War Congress was conceived in Velika by seven races. The Coalition fielded an army and send forces to repel the Argon attack.

Southern Arun[]

Southern Arun is the heart of the Federation. It is also the place where the Argons invaded. With their attacks, the Coalition valiantly holds the lines to protect Velika from attack. The Coalition is also protecting Castanica and Poporia.

Northern Shara[]

It is here where the argons rose up from the Underworld. The argons have begun to bring large machines up from the Black Cave to terraform land into their terrible image. This region is ravaged by war, and the aman city Kaiator is an oasis of protection for the victims of the conflict. The arctic landscape makes it hard for the Coalition to attack the huge argon machines that are destroying the landscape.

Southern Shara[]

This region is more untouched by war, but the High Elves here still must deal with bandits and demons that hope to threaten their people. Allemantheia is located here, and is hard pressed for water that surrounding towns are failing to provide.

Island of Dawn[]

When the Island of Dawn rose from the sea, all of Arborea took action. The Coalition dispatched Elleon to lead the First Expedition forces of Arborea to claim it, and as a result was attacked and his men were slaughtered.



The Vanarchs makes sure that the Coalition runs smoothly, and also govern the cities of Arborea. They can be elected by the citizens of Arborea, every three to four weeks. Vanarchs are elected by either a vote of the citizens, or by a trial of combat with the other Vanarch and his/her allies. Once elected, they dictate taxes, flight paths, and the merchants that appear in their province. Vanarchs get a special horse to serve as their badge of office.


Exarchs govern entire continents of Arborea, are the high rulers of the Coalition. Exarchs govern the military and how to oppose the Argon threat.

Military Leaders[]

The Military of the Coalition runs the armies of the planet. They send out warriors to accomplish tasks, especially against the Argons.