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The Valkyrie: Skills Glyphs Weapons Armour

Role Offense
Combat range Close Combat (8 meters)
Movement speed Fast (110%)
Weapon type Runeglaive
Armor type Leather

The valkyrie is a light armored class which specializes using her 7 runemarked Runeglaive to mark her enemies for death with close ranged offensive damage-dealing capabilities for effective crowd-control and burst DPS. The class is available to Castanic females and Elins.

Korean name for class is wolgwangmusa (월광무사) which literally means Moonlight Warrior. Fan translations used name Lunar Dancer before official name. Name "Valkyrie" was selected on RU TERA after a community poll. En Masse originally picked name "Paragon" for the new class, but the TERA community didn't like the name. In March 2017 poll was opened on TERA forums about the name with five choices.[1] Class was released in NA on April 11th 2017.

Official description Edit

Valk Symbol

"Using her intricately carved runeglaive, the valkyrie brands runemarks onto enemies and explodes them for massive damage. She mixes slashes, leaping attacks, and power slams to destroy her foes, maximizing the effectiveness of her crits while nimbly evading damage."

"A valkyrie's fighting style is heavily influenced by castanic culture. They prefer light armor, and favor spinning moves and fast attacks. But their legacy is an ancient one, and valkyries have been guiding Clan Castanic from the shadows since long before the Valkyon Federation was ever imagined."

Equipment and attributesEdit

Equipment Edit

Valkyrie uses Runeglaive and Leather Armor.

Attributes Edit

Valkyrie uses standard melee Weapon Crystals: Bitter, Savage, Focused and Pounding.

Recommended weapon rolls are Damage vs. enraged monster; Damage vs. enraged monsters; +6.9% damage from behind and Flat 6% damage, and Cooldown reduction. With low gear that has only 4 enigmatic lines pick Cooldown reduction as first roll.

Valkyrie main skills are notable due high crit chance. However, class had big changes in awakening patch and 5x crit change on main damage skill was nerfed to 3x. In addition "rotation skills" gained new crit change glyphs. Due these changes all valkyrie guides written before October 2018 are outdated.

With level 70 patch Exodor gear valkyrie uses gear with physical amplification: Dauntless Azart or Annihilation gear, even many skills are magical attacks. Using gear with random magic amplification lines is not waste. (Crystals, rollable weapon lines incl. double cooldown and chest line are not available on Exodor level 68/69 gear or on new level 65 Exodor Scout gear.)

Pure power build Valkyries used since class release is not recommended anymore, and valkyrie needs some extra crit rate. Generally 211 crit should be enough to reach crit cap (100% crit chance) with 3× crit chance skills (due castanic race passive). More is needed to reach cap for 2× crit chance skills. Also it should be considered that valkyrie gets 30% more crit chance for all their skills with correct rotation. (note this is Outdated level cap 65 information).

For level 70 endgame also Skill Advancement gives character crit buff in addition of their base value. Level 70 valkyrie can probably go again full power accessories.

With patch 93 passives valkyrie also gets magic attack bonus with physical amplification. With passive Runic Illusion Magic amplification raises by 50% of valkyrie's physical amplification.[2]

Skills and racial traitsEdit

Skills Edit

Dealing damage with valkyrie is based heavily on combos and on Runemarks system (originally Moonlight Shimmer system). Most valkyrie attack skills add Runemarks on target. These are show as stars. Maximum is seven. Runemarks are spent with skills Shining Crescent and Runeburst. Shining Crescent is valkyries hardest hitting skill. It should be always cast with seven Runemarks on enemy. Runeburst detonates Runemarks, staggering target and damaging all enemies around it.

There is "main rotation" that consist of skills Leaping Slash, Windslash, Ground Bash and Glaive Strike. Ground Bash and Glaive Strike can only be cast after Leaping Slash. Leaping Slash is reset with Windslash. Windslash itself is low damage filler skill. That makes mini rotation: Leaping Slash -> Ground Bash -> Windslash -> Leaping Slash -> Glaive Strike.

Also skills Spinning Death and Dream Slash reset Leaping Slash. Spinning Death has side effect of increasing your chance to crit by 30% for 30 seconds. This boost should be always up. Dream Slash is special ranged attack that passes multiple enemies damaging them.

Maelstrom is special crowd control skill with rather long cooldown. It pulls enemies toward valkyrie. It also generates Runemarks with each hit and can be used to quickly generate Runemarks. This is fastest combo to generate 7 marks for Shining Crescent or Runeburst, and using this combo should have priority over other skills while using brooch or other buffs.

Additionally all skills generate Ragnarok points (moonlight points), 5 per hit. When Ragnarok meters fills to 1000 points, special boost skill Ragnarok can be cast. This increases power, attack speed and, reduces skill cooldowns by 60% for 30 seconds.

There is special skill Bloodflower that generates up to 150 points with single cast. This skill's main purpose is to stun opponents in PVP and give them bleed debuff. It should be used in PVE rotation to make your boost skill available faster.

Valkyrie is known for good crowd control skills. In addition of Maelstrom, Dark Herald pulls all enemies to a target with Runemarks. This skill has been heavily nerfed in PVP and can only pull two players. It has side effect of boosting Runeburst damage by 25% and it should be therefore used in PVE before casting Runeburst on boss.

Apex changesEdit

25px This section requires an expansion. [edit]

Racial traits Edit

As Valkyrie can only be Castanic, they have active skill Skirmish Running Skirmish Running which increases their running speed during combat, and Dirty Fighting Dirty Fighting which gives them a higher chance to score a critical hit from the back.

Since February 2020 patch Elins can also become Valkyries. Elins have no special racial skills to boost them in combat.

Glyphs and crystals Edit

Glyphs Edit


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