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The Valkyrie: Skills Glyphs Weapons Armour
Valk Leaping Slash

A female castanic valkyrie in the midst of using Leaping Slash.

Icon Name Level Glyphs Description
Slash 1 Empowered Slash • Spirited Slash • Swift Slash Attack enemies with a series of sweeping blows while moving forward. The forth hit has a 5x the normal chance to crit, and resets the cooldown of Leaping Slash.

PvP: The first hit of Slash staggers the enemy player.

Evasion 1

Persistent Evasion • Opportunistic Evasion

Vault forward to evade enemy attacks. You can evade twice within 4 seconds. Correct timing grants Perfect Evasion.
Leaping Slash
Leaping Slash 1 Empowered Leaping Slash • Brilliant Leaping Slash • Carving Leaping Slash Leap into the air with a sweeping attack, then slam your enemies with a powerful overhead strike. Minions and normal monsters are suspended in the air.
Runeburst 1 Empowered Runeburst • Ardent Runeburst Detonate Runemarks, damaging all enemies within 6m. each detonated Runemark replenishes 100MP, with a high chance to stagger and 3x the normal chance to crit. Generating 7 Runemarks resets the cooldown of this skill.
Windslash 2 Powerlinked Windslash • Empowered Windslash Spin your runeglaive in a tight circle to damage nearby enemies. Resets the cooldown of Leaping Slash.
Bloodflower 6 Ardent Bloodflower • Carving Bloodflower • Powerlinked Bloodflower Stab a target repeatedly, applying Bleed. Targets with 6 stacked of Bleed are stunned for 4 seconds.
Ground Bash
Ground Bash 6 Carving Ground Bash • Empowered Ground Bash Slam your runeglaive on the ground for massive damage. Must be used within 4 seconds of Leaping Slash.
Dream Slash
Dream Slash 8 Hastened Dream Slash • Slowing Dream Slash • Brutal Dream Slash • Carving Dream Slash Throw a blazing crescent of dream energy up to 30m, damaging all enemies in its path. Deals crit damage to knocked down enemies or enemies suspended in air.
Charge 10 Energetic Charge • Empowered Charge Dash forward ad attack the first target in your path.

PvP: A successful hit staggers an enemy player.

Retaliate Retaliate (Valkyrie) 12
Dark Herald 12
Glaive Strike 16
Spinning Death 20
Backstab 24
Overhead Slash 28
Reclamation 34
Maelstrom 40
Shining Crescent 46
Balder's Tears 52
Kaiator's Drums 52
Ragnarok 58
Titansbane 65
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