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The Warrior: Skills Glyphs Weapons Armour

A Male Castanic Warrior preforming Evasive Roll.png Evasive Roll (Warrior).

The warrior specializes in various warrior skills and highly depends on such in terms of combat in order to deal damage from close range and attempt to avoid getting hit. Most warrior skills can only be used while twin swords are equipped.

There are currently 29 warrior skills which can only be learned by the Warrior, while 27 of them can be learned from the skill menu, Combo Attack.png Combo Attack (Warrior) and Evasive Roll.png Evasive Roll (Warrior) are gained automatically upon character creation.

Most of the skills can be enhanced with a glyph with a cost of a certain glyph points up to 50 points, depending on the character's level.

Icon Name Level Glyphs Description
Combo Attack.png Combo Attack (Warrior) 1 Strike one or more targets in front of you and gain MP with each hit. Successive strikes do more damage up to four hits with the fourth hit dealing substantially more.
Evasive Roll.png Evasive Roll (Warrior) 1 Dodge your enemy's attack.
Rain of Blows.png Rain of Blows 2 Execute a flurry of sword swings while advancing on your foe. Damage taken reduces by 30% while this skill is being used.
Vortex Slash.png Vortex Slash 4 Swing your swords in a wide arc. You can use it as a chain skill only after Evasive Roll.png Evasive Roll (Warrior) or Death From Above.png Death From Above.
Combative Strike.png Combative Strike 6 Sacrifice HP to deal a decisive attack, decreasing the Endurance of your targets by 4.5% and their HP recovery by 50%.
Rising Fury.png Rising Fury 8 Hit a target twice; the lower your HP, the greater the damage. Damage taken reduces by 20% while this skill is being used.
Assault Stance.png Assault Stance 10 Your power rises by X%, but your endurance decreases by 15%. Your crit rate increases by Y. You can use only one stance at a time.
Defensive Stance.png Defensive Stance 10 Increases endurance by X% and balance by 20. Attacks draw Y% more aggro. You can use only one stance at a time.
Retaliate.png Retaliate (Warrior) 12 Leap to your feet while attacking your target. You can use this skill only when knocked down.
Battle Cry.png Battle Cry 14 Your warlike shout draws high aggro from enemies within 9m, and may stun them.
Cross Parry.png Cross Parry 14 Block frontal attacks with your crossed swords. Damage blocked depends on your weapon. Lasts as long as the skill button is held down. Allies behind you also get reduced damage. Can only be used while in Defensive Stance.
Torrent of Blows.png Torrent of Blows 18 Swing your swords in a wide arc, drawing high aggro from surrounding enemies. Your are less likely to be knocked down or stunned, and you take only half damage.
Smoke Aggressor.png Smoke Aggressor 18 Sacrifice 20% of your HP to summon a spirit for 20 seconds. Your spirit receives 7.5 times the HP you sacrificed and retains your aggro level from your enemies.
Command Attack.png Command: Attack (Warrior) 18 Aim at a target within 24m and press the skill button to command your Smoke Aggressor.png Smoke Aggressor to attack the target.
Command Follow.png Command: Follow (Warrior) 18 Command your Smoke Aggressor.png Smoke Aggressor to follow you.
Reaping Slash.png Reaping Slash 18 Chop targets with both blades at once. Those you hit briefly take 25% more damage from your Scythe.png Scythe (Warrior) attack. Build your Warrior's Edge before attacking to greatly increase the debuff's duration. Can only be used while in Assault Stance.png Assault Stance.
Smoke Flanker.png Smoke Flanker 18 Summon a shadow to your position and teleport behind your enemy. Briefly stuns your target if you attack. Aggro transfers to your shadow upon summoning. Can only be used after a successful Cross Parry.png Cross Parry, on a target within a range of 15m.
Poison Blade.png Poison Blade 22 Poison on your swords wounds your foe for 116 HP every 2sec for 10sec. Does less damage to other players.
Pounce.png Pounce 22 Jump to target and slow target by 50% with a slash. You take only half damage while using skill.
Leaping Strike (Slayer and Warrior).png Leaping Strike (Warrior) 24 Jump at your foe and smash downward. Knocked-down foes take 5x damage once you learn Leaping Strike (Slayer and Warrior).png Merciless Leap (Warrior).
Leaping Strike (Slayer and Warrior).png Merciless Leap (Warrior)
24 Your Leaping Strike (Slayer and Warrior).png Leaping Strike (Warrior) deals 5x damage against knocked-down enemies.
Death From Above.png Death From Above 26 Become invincible while executing a surprise blow.
Traverse Cut.png Traverse Cut 28 Make 3 quick lunges to the front. Activates faster and attack up to 13 times if you first use Pounce.png Pounce or Combative Strike.png Combative Strike. Target's endurance decreases by 0.85% of each hit, and the effect stacks.
Blade Draw.png Blade Draw 28 Stab and slash your target as you draw your weapon from the wound. Activates faster if you first use Traverse Cut.png Traverse Cut, Vortex Slash.png Vortex Slash, Charging Slash.png Charging Slash or Rising Fury.png Rising Fury.
Charging Slash.png Charging Slash 30 Charge toward your target, drawing high aggro.
Mangle.png Mangle 32 Your fourth consecutive use of Combo Attack.png Combo Attack (Warrior) cuts your foe's speed by 15%. You lose 10 MP every 2 seconds while Mangle.png Mangle is active.
Backstab.png Backstab (Warrior) 42 Rush 15m and make a lethal thrust to your target's back. The target is immobilized for short period of time.
Deadly Gamble.png Deadly Gamble 48 Increase your crit rate by 36 for 20 seconds, but reduce your crit resistance by 10.
Staggering Counter.png Staggering Counter 54 Execute a counterattack that briefly stuns targets. You can use this skill as a counterattack only after you've been hit.
Staggering Counter.png Staggering Riposte
54 When you are hit, you can counter with Staggering Counter.png Staggering Counter.
Cascade of Stuns.png Cascade of Stuns 58 Slash a target in front of you. If you hit a stunned target, the stun spreads to nearby enemies.
Scythe.png Scythe (Warrior) 60 Deliver a deadly sweeping arc, attacking multiple enemies. Exploit your warrior's edge for more damage.
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