A weapon is an item that can be equipped in the Profile tab of the character menu. Such weapon can be equipped in one slot only, not to be confused with weapon costume which is on the Costuming tab of the character menu.

In TERA, a character can only specialize in one weapon, that person cannot go back and will only know the weapon proficiency of the class that the person has chosen during the character creation screen.

More powerful weapon can improve character's overall damage output toward their damage, improve their blocking capabilities or their healing power.

Such weapons can be obtained from certain methods such as purchasing them from NPC shops or the Brokerage, finding them from an enemy as a drop, obtaining it as a quest reward, or even craft.

Powerful Avatar Weapons can be obtained by collecting Weapon Relics.

Type of weapons[]


  • Although it's a fact that a class can only specialize in one weapon, a running gag followed by the community is that Elleon's powers are so deadly, he plays the role of two classes and capable of using both the Twin swords and the Greatsword. [1]


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